Toxemia is poisoning of the body. This condition can be caused by a number of diseases. In addition, the toxicity very often feel woman during the first trimester of pregnancy. It happens because of sudden hormonal changes. The symptoms of toxicosis can trigger factors such as improper diet, lack of sleep, the presence of various diseases.
A woman may first experience nausea only after the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine wall and the body will begin to produce specific hormones. This unpleasant condition is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.
Most often, moms-to-be sick of it in the morning. In the second half of the day feeling pregnant usually improves. This condition is considered normal. If a woman experiences nausea throughout the day, or it is accompanied by copious vomiting, it is the reason for going to the doctor. In that case, if vomiting occurs very often and a pregnant begins to lose weight, it is necessary hospital treatment. This form of toxicosis is a serious danger for the woman and for the health of the unborn baby.
Hormonal changes can last for several months. Usually, nausea passes after the first trimester. After 10 weeks of pregnancy women begin to feel relief of your condition. Some moms-to-be all the symptoms of toxemia are already at 5-7 weeks.
If a woman bears two children, she might feel nausea until 15-16 weeks of pregnancy. It is considered normal. In cases where the toxemia accompanies expectant mothers in the second trimester of pregnancy, be sure to tell the doctor about their feelings. It can cause different kinds of pathologies.
Nausea in late pregnancy is quite rare. She is associated with preeclampsia. Most often this pathology are treated in stationary conditions, as intoxication shortly before the birth poses a serious threat to the fetus.