Beautiful ass looks elastic, toned and moderately inflated. The skin of this area should be smooth and gentle. To achieve this effect is possible only with regular maintenance that needs to be integrated.

Daily care

The buttocks area needs attention each day. Basic care will be carried out in the shower. The ass and thighs you need to massage hard MITT or brush. Increase the effect will help to scrub with coarse particles. Very useful for buttocks fifteen-minute hot bath with sea salt. This procedure should be carried out through the day.

For the butt and thighs useful daily douche. We should start with a warm enough temperature which the skin is steamed. And pores will contribute to cool water. This alternation should be repeated five times.

Such care visibly tightens the skin, making it smooth and soft. After water procedures you should use cream or body butter.

Physical activity

Any priest needs regular exercise to stay beautiful. If there is no time or money to visit the gym, you should do the exercises yourself at home. Influence to not only the buttocks, but also on the outer and inner thighs. For these areas it is best to do leg swings, lunges, squats, etc.

You should also arrange a Hiking trip, which should last at least an hour. Better yet, Jogging.
All of these actions cause the muscles in tone, making visually beautiful buttocks, round and firm.

Anti-cellulite program

No priest will not look attractive if she's prone to cellulite. This problem affects women of all ages. The struggle with the imperfection of the body is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience. But the only way the priest will look, really beautiful.

Anti-cellulite methods involve several approaches. The primary one is the massage. The area of the buttocks and thighs, you need to pinch with your fingers (but do it so that not to leave bruises) or RUB the problem areas with his knuckles.
Cellulite cream best used in conjunction with a special massage brush. The only way to achieve any visible effect.

Very useful for buttocks and thighs various wraps that not only help to get rid of extra inches, but also adjust the reliefs of the skin.

To be the owner of a beautiful priests are not so easy. But the easiest way to maintain its beauty than doing major work on the bugs. Always tempting buttocks tightened, elastic and do not have defects in the form of "orange peel".