That gives total control to the employer?

Usually under wiretapping the offices refers to the monitoring of telephone conversations and video surveillance through the camera. Sometimes in the office installed a hidden microphone with which you can listen to ordinary conversations. However, such a measure is overkill and used except in such companies where the security service and (or) the Director General are obsessed with control. The installation of hidden microphones unpopular and impractical because nothing prevents employees to go talk to the street.

The equipment for listening of telephone conversations is easy enough to find and buy. Of course, it will cost a pretty penny, but set it not to catch the hand of the employee who spent three rubles to call great-aunt. Usually, control of telephone conversations held with the purpose to prevent the leak of information to competitors or inappropriate communication with clients. However, any person called to the office, may appeal in court the fact that his conversation is being recorded. In large companies this will protect the phrase "In order to improve quality of service, telephone conversations are recorded". Thus at the same time and the employee shall be warned about listening to telephone lines and personal issues you can and own mobile to discuss.

As regards surveillance, the practice shows that work and life it does not interfere. Of course, cameras in the toilet nobody puts. At work place camera allows you to monitor how effectively the employees work. With CCTV you can catch a dishonest employee, and in emergency situations (visit of regulatory bodies, unscheduled inspections, audits, even fire) it will help you to quickly react.

Total control: is it legal?

A reference is made to article 23 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which defines the right to confidentiality of telephone conversations, correspondence and so on. In fact, however, in the presence of wiretapping phone lines, the employee is not deprived of this right. If you do not want to discuss something important at the office listening to the phone, and from her cell phone to call. To listen to cell phone much more difficult. So the secret of communication is not broken, just employees have a choice – free to talk on the controlled office phone or charge – on their own, which is not bugged.