Advice 1: How is the treatment snails

Cosmetology is gaining momentum every year. Fashion for is the treatment snails. Clams are mainly used as cosmetic tool, they are also used for healing chronic wounds.
How is the treatment snails

Useful properties

The first mention of the treatment snails belong to the ancient times. Used clam meat, cooked medicinal teas applied externally. With the passing of time slowly crawling creatures as healers forgot. Later breeders have noticed that there is a rapid healing of wounds and abrasions after contact with shellfish. Was carried out many scientific studies that proved the effectiveness of the use of snails in folk and traditional medicine.

Thanks to the enzymes contained in snail slime, recycling and recovery of the dermis occur faster. Also slimy secret has beneficial effects on the healing process in whooping cough, bronchitis, and other pulmonary diseases, as it acts on a certain type of bacteria. Many studies of the use of snails in neurosurgery.


Giant Achatina used for quite some time. The microbiological composition of the secretion of the glands of the mollusk has a beneficial effect on the dermis. Modern cosmetology offers treatment snails Achatina for preventing age-related signs of aging. Gastropods spend a good natural massage, generating special pulses.

The treatment process takes place in direct contact with akatinol. Before the procedure the skin is prepared, cleansed from cosmetics, spend shallow peeling, rubbed with milk. Before you plant on the face of Achatina, it rinse under cool water. The mollusk crawls on the desired areas of the face and neck, for this he was sent. Next, the snail is removed, the remaining a secret is distributed across the surface of the skin, leave to dry. Then thoroughly wash. The effect is manifested after the first application, the dermis becomes more smooth, toned and velvety. Repeat the procedure once in two days, but not less frequently than 2 times per week.


The treatment itself land snail occurs on the same principle that chatname. On cleansed face plant mollusc and invite him to "walk" on the desired areas. After leaving distributed slimy secret about a quarter of an hour and wash the face. Course to obtain a stable result lasts at least 3 months.

In addition to direct contact with the grape creatures, the market of pharmaceutical and cosmetic services offers creams based on secret shellfish. Mucus is produced in much the same way as when you cosmetic procedure. Gastropods being "afraid", then it allocates your secret. Gather, prepare drugs for cosmetology.

Contraindications to the use of snails are almost there. The only limitation is individual intolerance to certain substances in the composition of mucus.

Advice 2 : What in cosmetology used the slime of snails

The slime of snails has many useful properties. This substance prevents the growth of pathogens, stimulate regeneration of the skin, contains vitamins and glycolic acid.
What in cosmetology used the slime of snails

The properties of snail slime Helix Aspersa

In cosmetology mostly are used slime snails Helix Aspersa. A substance that secrete these gastropods, prevents injury during movement and promotes rapid healing of injuries. Surprisingly, the slime of snails is able to exert an equally beneficial influence on human skin cells. This substance is successfully used in cosmetology to create anti-aging creams and serums.

Extract the mucus from snails contains vitamins A, C, E, which moisturize, soften, firm the skin and nourish it. They are also able to improve the complexion and reduce the intensity of inflammatory processes. The slime of snails is a valuable natural source of allantoin, which is an efficient regenerator and antioxidant. This substance is rapidly absorbed, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin. It promotes fast healing of wounds, ulcers and burns, prevents the development of keloids.

Snail slime is also a natural source of collagen and elastin. These proteins are the main building material of the skin, making it supple and elastic. The collagen that is found in snail slime has the ability to bind and retain water. The human skin is a substance that forms a breathable film, which perfectly protects the skin from drying out.

Glycolic acid is a component of snail mucus, with the qualities of chemical peeling. This ingredient removes dead skin cells, cleans pores, and plugged sebaceous glands. Glycolic acid also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. In addition, snail mucus is a natural antibiotic that effectively prevents the development of inflammation. It lightens dark spots and blocks UV rays.

The use of snail slime

Cosmetic products, containing the slime of snails Helix Aspersa, have a complex effect on the skin. They are able to nourish, moisturize, tone and protect from sunlight. Anti-aging agents with snail mucus effectively reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and fighting with age spots. Creams and whey-based extract of snail do not cause allergic reactions, so can be used by pregnant women to prevent stretch marks.

Some beauty salons offering snail massage. Face client pre-cleaned and liberally smeared with milk. Several snails are allowed to crawl across the face, leaving a track of healing slime. Then remove the clams and wait 15-20 minutes to dry mucus. Then the face wash with warm water.
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