Seduce your man in those places where there is no opportunity to use condoms. Spontaneously he declares that want to have sex with him. And during intercourse try to take a pose on top of that the ejaculation happened right in you.
Count the days of ovulation and have sex during this time as much as possible. Be passionate — do so that a man wanted you.
Tell him that taking contraceptives. In fact, when man drink vitamins. If you normally used a contraceptive candles, enter them with my husband in the days of ovulation at this time they have no effect (but the guy does not know about).
If you use condoms, pre-pierce them with a thin needle. Keep in mind that this method is not very effective. Lubricant, which is treated condoms, negative effect on sperm, so you don't have to wait for the result for a long time. Just in case, keep an extra pack of the same condom. Suddenly the man will get suspicious and decide to test their strength.
Convince man that during menstruation can not get pregnant that sperm comes out with blood. In fact, in the critical days there is a huge chance to get pregnant.
If you build a spiral, remove her secretly from her husband. Or do the opposite. You tell a man that put a spiral, so he didn't use protection during sex. Quite possibly, after a short time you're pregnant.
Tell him I'm pregnant. If after a short time the man will not impregnate you, tell him that you were on reception at the gynecologist, who confirmed the absence of pregnancy. Say that the test by which you recognize that you're expecting, proved to be defective.