The cause of this disease is compression of the sympathetic, motor or sensory fibers or compression of nerve trunk in soft tissues. It should be noted that the fibers make up a nerve trunk between the bone ribs and soft bones in the skeleton. With the pinching of the sciatic nerve occur disorders of the organs of motion, there is severe and sharp pain.

Often a pinched sciatic nerve in the spine appears during a certain physical activity. Especially often this phenomenon can be observed in cases when there is improper distribution of the load on the ligaments and bones, which are responsible for the movement of the human body. During the period of such stretching occurs a pinched nerve root. Further this area is growing reactive swelling. After the formation of a specific source of inflammation, which only exacerbates the condition, squeezing the nerve. Similar pathological response requires timely and correct treatment. In this case the correct solution would be to seek help in a specialized medical institution. Experienced professional, having examined the condition of the patient, appoint necessary treatment and medicines. There are a number of people's advice and tips on how to get rid of pinched sciatic nerve.

When first aid in the pinching of the sciatic nerve the patient should be put at any convenient position where it felt the least pain. If possible, you should limit both passive and active movement of the victim. To reduce strong and sharp pain in the pinched nerve can be accompanied by inflamed areas of the body any source of heat – warming plasters, compresses, bags of heated sand, hot water bottles, etc. For these compresses can be applied capsicum plaster, the tincture of garlic, or red pepper.

Well with the pinching of the sciatic nerve helps the ointment on the basis of tincture of Valerian and pine oil. To purchase these components at the pharmacy. 1 part tincture of Valerian mixed with 2 parts of pine oil. Before application, shake well. Use the ointment at least 2-3 times a day, applying lightly to the inflamed area. Then oiled it good to wrap up.

In the Arsenal of folk medicine, in addition to external agents, there are drugs for oral administration, which helps to relieve pain with the pinching of the sciatic nerve. Their action is aimed at relieving inflammatory reaction and edema, the basic mechanisms of pain.

For example, tincture of barberry has excellent analgesic effect. In addition, it can help in the short term to get rid of the swelling of the inflamed area. This drug contains large amounts of b vitamins, which relieve swelling of the nerve cells and pain. For cooking this means 2 tablespoons of fresh berries of barberry should fill in a glass bowl. Then they poured 1 liter of rubbing alcohol. After 10 days the remedy is ready. Take a tincture 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.