Static postures while working create a situation where certain muscle groups are in constant tension. Contribute to the formation of blocks and a constant state of stress, different kinds of fears and anxieties. Feeling fear, for example, people involuntarily "clamped, straining body.
If the negative factors regularly affect anyone, this condition becomes so habitual to man, that he fails to notice that tense. But then starts the pain in the area, experiencing a constant load. Moreover, the usual muscle blocks contributing to changes in psycho-emotional state. He gets tired quickly, reduces the overall emotional background, may appear inexplicable at first glance, the anxiety.
Experts and energy practitioners believe that the muscle clamps interfere with the normal circulation of energy in the body, resulting in agencies having a constant voltage, there is stagnation of energy and, therefore, develop various kinds of diseases. But from the point of view of official medicine muscle blocks lead to disruption of normal circulation of blood and lymph in the body, which inevitably leads to health problems.
To successfully remove muscle blocks, you need to start to learn to feel your body, to be able to determine if it is relaxed. Most people don't know how to do it. They feel pain in a particular organ, but the pain is evidence of a problem that has already occurred. For removing clamps have to learn to track the state of your body in a normal, calm and healthy condition.
Good practice can be a different meditation and auto-trainings. But one meditation, held once a month, do not give tangible results. To practice this kind of sessions should regularly. So, psychologist and esoteric A. Rey advises daily before bed to mentally explore your body to the presence of muscular units, to relax it. For this you need to close your eyes and mentally move around the body, trying to feel it and relax your face, limbs, every part of the physical body. Practicing thus, it is possible to determine how relaxed your muscles at any given time.
Help "make friends" with your body and body-oriented practices. Listening to yourself while performing exercises, tracking the tensing and relaxing of muscle groups, a person learns to keep track of muscular blocks and to consciously work with them. The most famous of these practices is yoga, but there are others. So, for the beautiful half of humanity will be helpful to pay attention to gymnastics "the Birth of a star" (by M. Gusev), which gently and gradually facilitates beneficial changes in the female body. You can also pay attention to the original method of synchromystic H. Aliyev "Key" that allows you to learn to relax and relieve emotional stress.
However, the usual, old-time blocks not so easy to keep track of their own. Working with them is better left to a professional. So, turning to osteopath, it is possible for multiple sessions to cope with muscle clamps, which were formed over many years.