Guide inventory of waste production, if you produce waste;- own or place waste;- perform the Assembly of wastes and their transportation;- recycling materials.You can clean the inventory of waste production, or involve the organization carrying out such activities.
Give an order on the inventory of waste. It indicate the inventory objects (technological processes, or structural units), forms of documentation (initial and final inventory reports of waste), the exact timing of the execution, the data processing period. Specify the persons involved or appoint a special Commission, responsible for inventory of waste production.
Read the information about the company, its technological features, documentation, accounting and the movement of waste, accounting. Information considered will depend on the characteristics of the company.
Guide inventory of waste, examining the source of their education. Determine physical and chemical composition of wastes, find out their compliance with standards and limits. Apply the primary inventory waste.
Turn in the primary act of the inventory records of the waste entering or in places of education. If we are talking about a large enterprise in which wastes are produced at several production sites, there will to properly maintain in each separate account. In the case of formation of waste of different kinds, it is advisable to keep records of certain types.
Make sure that the inventory of waste was signed by the members of the Commission in charge of the inventory of wastes, and (or) approved supervisor.Make a final inventory of waste. List of the completed research will summarize the results of the inventory, calculate the annual norm waste.