To deal with the issue, who will answer when you call the number 666, had to do an experiment and call it with different phones.
After dialing three sixes from a fixed-line response was a deathly silence. No crackle or any other noise, as described in the horror stories, not sounded. If it is believed that this number belongs to the impure forces, to establish contact failed.
Phone Tele2 dropped altogether, questioning the existence of the numbers 666.
If you call the number 666 with MTS, it is also nothing special. The answering machine will only answer that this number does not exist.
When calling from Beeline can also be heard in response the voice "e-women" that indicates that the dialed number is wrong.
But the people of Ukraine, which is life, say that the phone number provide paid services, so try to find out what happens if you call 666, is not recommended.
In any case, if you are a superstitious person, it is better not to experiment and not to tempt fate. As you know, thoughts materialists, and therefore, experiencing even on a subconscious level because of the possible unpleasant consequences after the call, it is possible to attract trouble.
Perhaps, like any other beautiful room, this phone will be reserved and will be used later in any entrepreneur. So, checking what happens if you call the number 666, pre-check with your carrier the cost of the call.