Why the need for a cat

If your house has mice or rats, the best way to get rid of them is to buy traps. But some owners of summer cottages does not deliver great pleasure to remove the bloodied corpses of rodents from these designs. And various poisoned bait, which will eat the mouse, will become a huge problem due to the fact that the poisoned mouse will die somewhere under the floor, and the whole house will start to spread an unpleasant smell of a decaying body. In order to avoid all these troubles, you need to take home a cat or kitten would be to teach the hunt for rodents.

Why the cat catches mice

A likely reason why the cat refuses to catch mice, maybe its fullness. But hunger, as we know, this is the first reason that motivates the animal to hunt. In some cases, the cat simply may be afraid of mice, especially if she sees them for the first time. Therefore, even the smallest of kittens, still not able to catch mice, are taught from childhood to hunt. To do this, you can catch a mouse in the trap and give her to play kitty. Better if it is almost alive, but in any case not dead. The mouse should not be poisoned, otherwise, you risk losing your beloved pet, like a kitten at every chance I will try it to taste. And once your hunter alone catch the mouse – praise him and give plenty of playing with his prey. But remember to pick up the cat with the body of the mouse is not necessary, otherwise he would be offended, and more if you will never catch mice.

How to get the cat to catch mice

In order to teach his cat to catch mice, you need to decide if you are ready to go for this extreme measures. As you will have to restrict the diet of your pet for some time, which sometimes is not so easy. Your heart will ache with pity for the beloved animal, but in any case not to succumb to provocations. Not long enough, and your cat from starvation will be forced himself to look for his food. When he caught his first prey, encourage pet any treat.

They say that the best hunters are cats, but not cats. But really, it's not really, just a cat there is an innate instinct that requires a constant search for food in order to feed themselves and their offspring. And cats do it for fun or food.