Find hydatid during the laparoscopy. Cysts are usually fluid filled. In its structure, such formations have thin walls. Hydatid that have small size for health risk are not. However, if there will be too much, it will quickly lead to obstruction of the fallopian tubes. When hydatid twisted, this is accompanied by strong pain oshusheniye and fraught with infertility.
You can suspect in his hydatid for a number of symptoms that accompany this disease. If the formation is large – larger than 3 cm, it usually is characterized by pain aching. The woman notes how severe discomfort in the lower abdomen and groin. These feelings can appear in a variety of situations – from lovemaking to physical overload.
Among the reasons that cause the formation of this hydatid, allocate 2 basic: surgical intervention in the area of female genital mutilation and infections of the female genital tract. In the first case the operation may have problems with blood clots, veins, pipes, etc. In the second infection settles in the body and can behave there is absolutely unpredictable.
The main treatment of hydatid of the fallopian tubes is surgery. However, at the mention of this method of treatment should not panic. After all, to treat such pathology is used laparoscopic surgery. It is more simple to implement than a full abdominal surgery. In addition, the rehabilitation period takes much less time than other methods of surgery.
In order to hydatid not developed, and also to prevent its development after surgical removal, you need to pay attention to prevention. For this purpose it is desirable to lead a healthy lifestyle, getting rid of bad habits and switching to a system of healthy eating. Also, is more likely to walk, because the oxygen saturates the tissues, and enriches them and contributes to the rejuvenation of the cells and their regeneration. Do not forget about the need to visit a gynecologist who will be able to track the development of infectious diseases that can lead to hydatid the fallopian tubes. No harm will taking vitamin complexes, contributing to enhance and strengthen the immune system.