According to the U.S. Constitution, which was adopted in 1787 America is a Federal Republic. It is composed of 50 States and the district of Columbia. Each state has its own Constitution, Governor and legislature. State power in the U.S. belongs to the Federal government, which consists of legislative, Executive and judicial bodies.
The head of state and government is the President, elected popularly for four years. The head of the government cannot be in power for more than two terms. The President is the Supreme commander of the armed forces of the United States. His powers include the appointment of senior officials, participated in the formation of legislation and presidential decrees.
Executive power is vested in the Vice-President and the Cabinet of Ministers. The legislative power belongs to Congress, which shall consist of a Senate and house of representatives. From each state elected 2 representatives in the Senate. The political regime of the USA is aimed at the exercise of public power by legal methods in accordance with the laws and the Constitution, and citizens empowered to participate in governance through elected representatives. In Congress, representatives of the two parties: democratic and Republican are forced to compromise by passing laws.
The highest judicial authority in America is granted to the Supreme court, which could overturn the decrees of the President and recognize the laws invalid. However, the main activity of the Supreme court is the appeal to lawsuits. In case of disagreement between the branches of government, the Supreme court resolves such disputes. It should be noted that the candidate for chief judges proposed by the President and the Senate must approve it.
The United States adhere to the democratic principle of governance, which involves democracy. The law strictly limited the methods of coercion are prohibited mass social violence. In the country emphasizes the legal equality of all citizens and recognizes ethnic and social minorities. According to the principles of democracy in America there is freedom of speech and there are independent media.
A multiparty political system, eliminated the monopoly on political power and welcome the principles of the competitive struggle for power. The political regime of America is aimed at the implementation of the significant interests of citizens of the United States. This state has enough financial, natural and other resources to achieve their goals.