In the first, the famous singer Michael Krug would kill an ordinary inadequate people who simply wanted to Rob the cottage. It was strange to think that criminals and crime bosses, which was so glorified by this man, could make an assault on him. Experts believe that this version is incorrect, because, most likely, a talented musician, was killed by professional people. The investigation revealed that the crime was premeditated and carefully planned.
In the second version, the death of Michael could be the result of a contract killing. However, this version was placed under doubt, as the Circle had to be taken to hospital, but professional killers would never run away from his victim and leave her alive. That is why criminologists believe that the purpose of the crime was still a robbery, not the murder of a famous singer.
The third version was the attack on this man organized group entities. a Similar crime was committed not long before, in those places where there lived a Circle. People just broke in one of the houses, tied up the residents and took off with money and valuables. The modus operandi of the criminals converge with those actions committed by the killers of Michael, so this version may well be real.
The fourth version has become quite exotic. Tver is one of the local Newspapers suggested that the attack on celebrity was made due to the fact that he did not want to sign Tver thieves ' "obshchak". This version was also subjected to many doubts, so as to further the criminal authorities was the outrage from the incident and promised a reward of one million rubles to anyone who can help to find the killers of Michael Circle.
According to fifth version, the murder of a talented person benefited his wife Irina Krug. These thoughts prompted her behavior during some interviews, which gave the wife of the deceased after his death. She never talked about her love for her husband, but with pleasure has told about the gifts he gave her. In addition, journalists are sure that the woman did not perceive their spouse as a man. First he was for it the celebrity. Michael Krug himself has repeatedly stated that his wife had no voice and didn't want, she studied vocal creative activity.