Unequivocally accurate answer to this question today is no. Western European and some Russian scientists believe that electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as tobacco filled with, and they can facilitate Smoking cessation. Many American scientists claim that these devices are harmful, because the cartridges, some manufacturers have been identified carcinogens diethylene glycol and nitrosamines.
The world health organization observes neutrality, explaining that scientific determination of harm of electronic cigarettes the essential long-term research. As a result, many smokers are disoriented and don't know who to believe.
Opponents of electronic devices draw attention to the fact that the Smoking mixture liquid composed of nicotine and "delicious" flavors, so this hell of a mix can cause even more health damage than traditional tobacco. It's hard to argue, because no matter how purified nicotine, it remains the nicotine and poisons the body. Even though in electronic cigarettes there is no tar, no carbon monoxide, no many other poisons.
However, there are cartridges that contain no nicotine. But they remain insecure in aromatic chemistry. In addition, the American experts were caught by the hand of some unscrupulous manufacturers, in which cartridges are classified as "No nicotine" was secretly added it in small amounts. This was done to maintain nicotine dependence of smokers and to stimulate new purchases.
There is still such problem: beznikotinovye electronic cigarette smokers do not bring satisfaction. It forces them to make smoke breaks more often. They are lacking the usual feeling of smoke, because the generated cold steam makes the smoke in an inhalation procedure.
As a result, many frustrated smokers begin to compensate for the shortage of this smoke, switching to cartridges with higher doses of nicotine or returning to tradicionnym cigarettes, and to fully get an overdose of toxic substances. Moreover, some researchers claim that the electronic device is addictive, no less than to tobacco.
In General, reliably say, whether they are harmful, and if harmful, how, today, nobody can. Because electronic cigarettes appeared in the world only about ten years ago, and in Russia even less. You need at least ten years, comprehensively surveying the avid e-smokers, to make final conclusions.