You will need
  • Salad
  • Tomatoes
  • Table lamp or heater
  • UV lamp
  • Plate or bowl
  • Boiled water
  • Nail nippers
If the turtle has stopped, try to determine whether it is time for her to sleep. Turtles are usually active in the summer and then go to bed in the winter, which is natural. But there are exceptions. Even the Central Asian or Greek tortoises typically normal for the Northern hemisphere, the life cycle, it may go to bed in the middle of summer to make you wonder about their menu in the winter. This happens if the spring and early summer the turtle is well fed. The nature of the Central Asian tortoise two periods of dormancy in winter and in drought. In this case, the turtle just leave it alone. You can put her crate with dry leaves. "Bedroom" put in a cool place with no drafts.
едят черепахи
If the turtle does not lie dormant, but not eating — it may well be that she wants something different than what you have to offer her. Try to feed lettuce or dandelion greens. If the turtle remains indifferent, give something no one land turtle to give as a slice of tomato. If this does not help, try to provide your favorite choice. Get it on a warm Sunny day on the grass. Let her see for herself what she likes. Turn on the menu what she will choose.
Все о черепахах: как их содержать
It is possible that the turtle will not choose anything. Try to give her a small piece of bread. Remember that bread turtle feed is impossible, it is harmful effect on the liver. But a little piece to whet the appetite can't hurt the tortoise even like the fact that they are harmful. After bread give lettuce or dandelions.
почему черепаха не ест
The turtle may after hibernation want to drink, not eat. Pour water into a saucer and put in front of the turtle. Some turtles do not eat after hibernation because they have crowded bowels. In this case, arrange the turtle "bath". Pour warm boiled water into a bowl or a plate, depending on the size of the turtle. The water temperature should be slightly above room. Gently place in water turtle. This must be done so that the nostrils were above the water. This procedure will help to solve two problems. Maybe the turtle just wants to drink, then she immediately and get drunk. A 10-minute bath is usually enough. But it may happen that the turtle just get rid of what is in her intestine. Then it must be washed, get it and wipe.
как найти черепаху
Sometimes the turtle can't eat due to the fact that it grows a beak. In this case, the beak should be cut with the nail clippers. If you can't do it themselves, contact your vet. By the way, the regrown beak can be a symptom of calcium deficiency due to which the turtle can also lose appetite. In order to avoid calcium deficiency, turtles must be given a pieces of chalk and put them in the sun or irradiated with ultraviolet light. After irradiation the turtles usually immediately start eating.
как можно вывести новую породу кошек
Even a very hungry tortoise will not eat if the ambient temperature is below 18°C. it just didn't work digestive enzymes. So warm the turtle and the room in which it is located. Put ordinary table lamp or heating device. At lower temperatures the food in the stomach of a turtle is not digested and can begin to rot.