You will need
  • Hairspray, gel, foam, mousse, wax, beer, lemon juice.
Most of the fixing means require thin and straight hair. If the hair to make the curls and leave them without fixing, the strands will develop very quickly. Tools to fix the hair made from vegetable and synthetic raw materials. Some of the funds may include lanolin, lecithin. They have a good effect on brittle, dry, thin and damaged hair. Use such tools after coloring or perms. But alcohol, which is also often a part of the locking means bad effect on the hair. It dries the hair and makes them brittle.
The hairspray is able firmly to hold the hair in one day. If the hair is not washed, the effect remains and on the second day. Hairspray is used to fix the already finished hairstyle. While spraying, hold the nail at a distance of 30-40 cm from the head. So, it is distributed on the hair very evenly. Besides, if you're spraying lacquer too close, it will lead to bonding of the strands. When the lacquer dries, it forms on the hair film, fixing her hair. Different oils according to the degree of fixation: medium, strong and super-strong.
Mousse foam is designed to handle the hair before styling. They help make hair more manageable and malleable. They need to be applied before using a hair dryer, tongs, curlers. There are two ways of application: on dry and wet hair. In both cases, try to avoid zone of the roots at 2-3 cm to make the hair more oily there. Before using be sure to shake the canister and then squeeze the ball on the hand and apply to hair. Creating a hairstyle, lift the hair at the roots and give them a right direction. With the use of mousse or foams great styling you can obtain in 5 minutes. Mousse can also be different fixing and to target specific hair type: dry, damaged or normal.
A tool such as a gel suitable for fixing bangs or individual strands to create the effect of wet hair.Use in unlimited number only for the latter case. For fixing strands try not to overdo it with the gel, otherwise the hair will look artificial. In appearance, the tool looks like edible jelly. Apply gel through hair with fingers. Sometimes there are gels with a convenient atomizer. Though this product is sold in a jar with a screw lid. The gel comes in medium and strong hold. This tool is ideal for modeling short hairstyles.
If you prefer to fix the hair by natural means, use the fresh lemon juice. When applied to the curls it gives Shine and good hold a given shape. For a strong hold use a beer or kvass. In the beer contains vitamin b which is very useful for hair. The only drawback to stacking beer is a bad smell. It disappears after about 10-15 minutes after application. For fixing use a small amount of beer to unpleasant odor didn't bother you. Hair gel can be replaced with gelatin solution.
Flax seed decoction is also suitable for hair fixation. Prepare it: a teaspoon of Flaxseed pour a glass of boiling water and further boil for another 3 minutes. Mixture while constantly stirring. Then strain the broth through cheesecloth. This liquid treat hair curl curler and let it dry completely.