Why the need for styling products

From the structure of the hair depends largely on the ability to "hold" the hair. Thin hair worse holds its shape, therefore, requires the use of special tools. There are cases when hair doing more in the morning and need to look good until late in the evening, then styling products is also indispensable.

If the weather is bad, wet or strong wind, then to save a good haircut will only perpetuate the matter. They can be applied at all stages of creation of a hairdress, you only need to choose the option that will not glue the hair and create the feeling of a wig.

During trips they styling is particularly difficult. I do not want to overload the baggage of various heavy and bulky bottles for fixing the hair, but without them it is possible to do. You can look good without expensive tools, it needs at least a little to know about the properties of certain components.

What can replace the hairspray

To replace the hairspray, it is enough to use its most popular substitutes mousse or gel. Gelling and gel-forming substance firmly envelop every hair and keep the shape of hair. Application is simple, some manufacturers for convenience produce soft tubes that are placed in the purse.

It keeps the hair and mucus Flaxseed. For preparing the correct solution of a teaspoon of seeds pour a glass of hot water and boil for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly. The resulting broth should be filtered through gauze, liquid to wet hair to wind on the rollers and leave to dry.

You can also wet the hair with lemon juice or beer. Similar properties and a strong solution of sugar water. All of these little tricks can not only replace the hair and strengthen the hair, reduce split ends and breaking hair.

Features of hairspray

Any hairspray has several degrees of fixation. The longer the hair, the more intense should be the tool for installation. Also, the decisive factor is the density and thickness of hair. Weak varnish will not be able a long time good to keep stacking.

When you select should pay attention to the presence of Shine after application. Such options are optimal for night-time when you need to create a unique look. Means of firming contain extracts of herbs and vitamin complexes.