Advice 1: What to do if you found someone's passport

Very often, in places of a congestion of people (railway stations, airports, large stores) you can find lost things and documents, including internal and foreign passports. For a regular passport is fairly easy to find the owner and return his passport.
What to do if you found someone's passport
You will need
  • Device with a working Internet connection, telephone.
If the passport was lost at the airport or station (train or bus), the easiest way is to take it to lost and found, which is almost all of these places. If lost and found does not work, you can return the thing to the managers of racks of information that can declare the loss on the loudspeaker. If the passport and other documents found in the public transport, you can contact the driver or the conductor. In the underground of any city is the Bureau of missing and lost and found (phone Help posted at all metro stations). If there is no desire to seek the lost passport of a person, you can give the passport to the nearest police station. Typically, the document is forwarded by mail to the registration address.
In large cities, there are urban Centres lost things and documents, which can be attributed the found passport. All such centers are open on weekdays, they have lunch breaks and weekends. The owner will be able to obtain a passport in the presence of a document confirming identity (the right to a car, student ID, etc.).
More time-consuming way: go to the following address of residence or temporary registration lost person's passport. Even if he doesn't live on the place, the people who are there usually have contact information or they can themselves submit the documents to the owner. So can be done only with the condition that the owner of the lost passport registered in the same city.
Very popular now enjoys the search for owners of lost items and documents via social networks and the Internet. You can use a special national site of the "lost and found" or try to find a person in social networks ("Vkontakte", "Classmates", Facebook) by name and surname. Also, the name and address permanently registration find a home phone in free Internet databases. You can also try to find someone through advertisements in Newspapers (free or paid) or on television (the best way is "Ticker") on local television channels.
The request for remuneration for found a passport may be regarded as extortion, so it is recommended to wait for information about compensation from the owner, not Vice versa. In the majority of cases, the passport holder will reimburse any costs incurred by the finder of documents person (transport or other).
A popular type of fraud is the prosecution who found the passport of a man in the theft of documents and money.

Advice 2: What to do with found phone

Mobile phones have long ceased to be a luxury and available almost for everyone. There are cases and they are lost. What to do when it finds someone else's phone, don't know everything. Someone tries to find the owner, someone goes to the police, and someone appropriates another's thing myself.
What to do with found phone
If you find someone else's phone, then try to find in the notebook of his contacts with names: "mom", "dad", "sister", "husband/wife". Call these subscribers. With their help, you can contact the owner of the found device and set the time and place to meet to return the phone.

Problem may be the presence of a pin. Without it you will not be able to turn on the machine, and, hence, to contact relatives and acquaintances of the man, his lost. In this case you can place an ad on found phone to the newspaper. However, don't describe it too detail. This is useful if you will encounter the scams. Before giving the find, contact the supposed owner, what color housing, SIM card of the operator is inserted, etc.

Often forget your phone in public places. Give it to the owner of the room, where you found it. According to the civil code, the thing found in transport or on site organization / private person must be transferred to the person who is the owner of the vehicle or premises. The owner, in turn, must act in accordance with the law, as in that case if he found a lost thing.

You can also contact the police with a statement about the discovery. You have the right to take the phone to the storage in bodies of local self-government or to keep it. If within six months from the date of filing, the owner of the phone did not show up, it is possible to consider it. If you phone is not needed, it becomes community property.

All your efforts should not be gratuitous. No one forbids you to claim the reward, if the owner of the phone was found. Officially, the amount of gratitude should be 20 % of the cost of the phone. If he has more value to the owner, that the remuneration can be specified individually.

In addition to the rewards you can get compensation for the storage of the phone and the cost of finding the owner if the phone was transferred to municipal property. The amount of damage is calculated according to the documents confirming your expenses. So do not throw away any receipts and receipts to be received in the process of finding the owner found you.

Advice 3: What to do if lost your phone

Things happen in life, and one day you may unexpectedly discover that they had lost an important part of his life – a mobile phone. In any case, do not panic instead, focus and try to remember where you saw your phone one last time.
What to do if lost your phone

Mobile phone is one of the most important components of modern life. But what if you lost it? Immediately try to call him. It is possible that the call will render you the feasible help in his quest, because the phone can be a few meters away from you.

If you don't hear the magic warble standing on your machine, then the events may develop in three options. It is possible that the phone has not yet been found, so it is best to return to the place where, according to your estimates, you can lose it. Borrow a phone from friends and heading to the place of the alleged loss, try calling camera. Remember that you need to call often, but not for long as a long call the phone to detect, though easier, but find it can the person who want to assign the discovery to himself.

Easier only in that case if the phone was found, and the finder is ready to return. He will answer your call and assign you an appointment. It will be nice if you thank him a reasonable reward.

If when you call in your room you hear a voice that tells you that the phone has been turned off, then most likely your cell phone you will see. The answering service of your network operator means that the new owner of your phone it deactivated or simply threw your SIM card, replacing it with his own.

On your phone enabled pin code request? Then the probability that you are forever separated from her unit, increasing it more, because without knowing the code to return the cell phone will be impossible. If this service is not activated, it is recommended to contact the Department of customer service of your network and ask them to block the SIM card. You need to know the data of its owner, it is important to remember that if the room was decorated in someone else's name (for example, when the parents buy the Sims children).

It happens that with the operators of your network contact is not possible, and on your personal account substantial amount you do not want anyone to give or you are a subscriber of the credit plan. In this situation, it is best to call on the lost phone. If the machine does not the battery, then most likely, the finder turned it off, tired of the annoying calls. When the phone is turned off, you will be able to block the SIM card.

Advice 4: What to do if there is no registration

Under the registration refers to the registration at the place of residence to the corresponding mark in the passport, confirming this fact. The lack of proof of residence entails a lot of problems. So, you may have difficulty in obtaining medical insurance, when visiting medical institutions for the placement of a child in kindergarten, you do not recognize the need to improve housing conditions and so on.
What to do if there is no registration
To restore their rights and to confirm the fact of residence at a specific address, you must contact the court. But first you should send a statement in the service that said "no" in response to your oral request (passport office, insurance company, pension Fund Management, etc.), attaching the documents confirming actual residence at this address. This can be a warrant, a certificate from the building management, receipt of payment for utility services, pension certificate and other documents, which indicate your place of residence. Because these securities are not specified in the relevant laws and regulations (the registration stamp), you probably will receive a written denial of your request in the absence of registration. This will be enough to go to court with the application for establishing the fact of permanent residence. Along with provided the above written waiver, your passport, the documents confirming actual residence (copy), and a receipt about payment of state duty. If this is not enough, you need people (friends, acquaintances, neighbors) who can confirm that you really live at this address. And that means you'll have to write a petition about their call to court as witnesses. Once this fact is established (and you have to be patient, because litigation can last for months), you will need to submit the respective decision of the court in the service that you refused the request, and to require its implementation.

Advice 5: What if the Internet doesn't work

Perhaps you are faced with this problem - you need to read the important news, to urgently send a letter or go to his page on the social network, but suddenly discover that the Internet is not working. If you are not a professional web master and a normal user, it is not always obvious solution. But do not hurry to seek help, because most of the problems with the Internet you can decide on their own.
What if the Internet doesn't work

Make sure that the cable is connected

Often a problem with the network arises from the fact that someone of your household tripped on a cable wire. Carefully inspect the socket connecting the USB cable. Even if you are convinced that it is in the socket, pull it out and check for any mechanical damage of the cable and plug. The problem with the Internet connection can also be caused by dust that settled in the nest. To resolve this, clean the slot with brush or blow. Then connect the cable and make sure it went to the stop and is quite tight in the connector. Then try to connect to the Internet.

Check that you have entered the correct username and password

If the cable is all right, but I can't go online, open a network connection and verify that the username and password in the appropriate fields. Although these data systems are normally automatically stores, can place any small mistakes and failures, after which the data will be erased or distorted. Re-enter your username and password. When you enter, make sure that Capslock is disabled and selected the correct keyboard layout.

Check your bill

Remember: if you paid online for the next month? It is not excluded that all the problems have arisen just because of your forgetfulness. If you are not sure that the current paid-up period, check it in your account. It is located on the local server, so you can go there, even if you have not paid online. To do this, point your browser to the website address of your ISP, log in to your account using your username and password and check your account balance.

Check your computer for viruses

If your account is all right, but the computer still refuses to get online, it could be that your computer has a virus. More likely to put in the work in the network without antivirus. If that is the case, the remedy will be free of the antivirus program. For example, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, NOD32 and others have free versions, so you are in which to scan and cure your computer.

Please contact technical support of your provider

Call technical support and describe your problem. It is not necessary to use special terms, it is sufficient to use a simple, "not a computer" word. You will be asked a few clarifying questions and may be asked to do something simple - for example, to restart the computer. After contacting technical support, Internet access will be almost guaranteed. However, this applies only to those cases where a failure has occurred on your line. If the Internet does not work through the fault of your ISP - for example, during maintenance work, is one way to wait until the problem will not resolve.

Advice 6: What to do if you put money on that number

If you for one reason or another put money on someone else's phone number, that doesn't mean they're gone forever. You can easily get them back. However, the key point in this case is that you have the receipt.
What to do if you put money on that number
All operators are advised not to throw a check payment as long as the money is not credited to your account. A check will be necessary in case of operation error, but if you have the wrong number. Check – confirmation that you conducted the payment transaction.

The first thing you need to do when an error is detected in the input data is to find the receipt. Call the support service of your operator and find out the location of the customer service centers of your city. Select the most convenient to visit the address and go. Don't forget to bring your passport or any other identity document. This is necessary in order to understand what it is you are the owner of the SIM card.

Go to the window in which service-related questions, show the passport (or other document) and check. Explain employee mobile operator what kind of error occurred. It will check your personal data, see whether the transaction has been performed the recharge. If all the data together, then he will transfer the money to the wrong phone number on your.

If you throw a check, paying for communication services in the contact center, to return the funds will be more difficult, but still possible. You need to come to the Department, which was added to the balance. Explain the situation to them and ask them to break the re-check, or write a marketable print. If you remember the consultants will comply with your request without problems. Only after that you can go to the subscription Department.

If payment of services of cellular communication was carried out through the terminal and check you have not saved, the center staff help customers is nothing you can do. However, if you remember what the figure made a mistake, you can try to contact the owner of this room. If he is an honest and understanding man, that will go into your position and put the same amount into your account.
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