There are often situations when the headphones from the computer suddenly stop working. The reason may be the lack of suitable audio drivers. This situation may occur after reinstalling the computer system, such as Windows 7 to Vista, etc. Determine their own or with the help of special programs the availability of the necessary drivers in your PC and if necessary install the missing.The failure of the headset can be explained by the rupture of the cable. It can happen in misuse with headphones when they abruptly pull the cord. While the difference may not be noticeable, therefore, immediately to establish the true cause of the disappearance of sound is impossible.Test the headset by connecting them to another device, probably just a loose socket on the panel of your computer. By the way, this is another reason why the headset may not work. So, if you are connecting to another device or, for example, the rear panel, the sound in the headset appeared in the nest. If not – you need to change the damaged cord.The telephone headset may not work because of damage to the headphone Jack. To resolve this problem is possible only in a specialized service center that is servicing the equipment brand of your phone.If the new headset microphone not working, maybe it's his low sensitivity. First check the microphone on another computer. In case of positive outcome of the test, i.e. confidence in its work on other equipment, you need to fix the mixer settings.There are times when the headset microphone does not transmit your voice on Skype. So you should check the settings of the Skype. Sometimes he can use another device as a microphone. Just choose in the sound settings microphone.In order to avoid unexpected breakdowns headset, do not let small children play with her. Often they mess up the wiring, pulled the cords and break the microphones. Themselves treat the headphones gently.