Causes of

The appearance of stars floating before the eyes can be caused by a phenomenon called vitreous opacities. Eyes arranged in such a way that the space between the retina and lens is filled with a gel-like substance called the vitreous body. Dead cells and waste products are concentrated in it and eventually form a point region. The black dots are visible to humans, are actually the shadow of these areas on the lens.

The causes of these destructive changes:
- age-related changes;
- injuries of the eye;
- the disturbed metabolism;
- infectious disease.

In most cases, the appearance of stars before my eyes is not a menacing factor, but in certain cases it is necessary to worry and immediately consult a doctor. When the eye is flying is not one star, but a large number, this may indicate the intraocular bleeding.

If the symptom is accompanied by blurred vision and sudden flashes of light, the cause may be a retinal detachment. In these cases, emergency treatment to the doctor may be the only chance of preserving vision. In addition, black spots before the eyes can be temporary, caused sharp jumps in blood pressure or overwork. In this case, stars are not a separate disease, but a symptom, which is rapidly eliminated along with the reason for it. Good enough stay if the reason is fatigue, or receive the necessary drugs, if the appearance of stars - the result of high blood pressure.

Treatment of black spots before the eyes

If the reason for floating black spots before the eyes is a clouding of the vitreous body, and they are not a sign of a serious disease, serious treatment of this problem requires. Surgical or laser methods of treatment in these cases is not applicable because the possible results of the operation more serious than a mild discomfort, which can cause the presence of these dots before the eyes.

Besides, most people eventually stop paying attention to them, and some stars may just disappear from view. However, with the appearance of black spots before the eyes it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist.

Usually to treat this disease using eye drops, vitamins, and drugs to improve metabolism. In addition, it is necessary to reduce eye strain, to do visual gymnastics and at least once a year to check eyesight. These measures are really more of a preventative and aims to prevent the disease from developing. Finally solve the problem will not work.