Today in fashion dresses silhouette "hourglass", which are adjacent to the figure. Also, the actual silhouette a-line, however it is suitable not for every girl, as it creates extra volume in the hips.

Length dresses for prom can be very different, because in fashion like short Flirty dresses, and long dresses, giving the image of solemnity. Wearing a long dress, a graduate will be able to feel yourself real Queen of the ball, and a shorter outfit, it appeals to youth girls.

Prom dress has good "sit" on the figure. Tall and slim girls can choose an outfit with poluprilegayuschy silhouette floor length a girl of average height it is better not to hide your shapely legs under the long skirt. They should choose the length of the dress to the middle of the ankle not to focus on small growth. The day of the prom is often already hot, so many people prefer to opt for light attire with shoulder straps.

Very popular dresses with different cutouts and neckline. But it is important to open, there was only one part of the body, otherwise, the image is vulgar.

Girls with curvaceous, it is better not to choose the model with skinny straps that pierce into the shoulders, and sew a classic sheath dress. This kind of dress hugs the body beautifully and its length reaches to the knees. One-color sheath dress or the model with a vertical figure - a great option for those who seek to look slimmer. This model will visually reduce large volumes, and visually make a figure slimmer. But if the girl with a curvaceous decide to stay in the dress with thin straps, you should add a drape or a thin silk scarf to match the dress. Effectively to emphasize a beautiful chest will help bodycon dress with a deep neckline.

On the fashionable prom dress should not lurid drawings and artsy prints. Shiny and sparkling all the colors of the outfits are no longer relevant. Better to sew a dress of white, wine, bright red, olive, blue, turquoise, coral or pale scarlet. As decorative elements on some of the dresses can be wide and narrow belts, buckles or showy lacing.
If you choose the right style, the custom made dress you can wear more than once. Stylish and beautiful outfit can act either in the role of evening or cocktail dresses.