Recipe Chinese cabbage in Korean

You will need:
- 3 kg Chinese cabbage;
red hot pepper;
- 3 heads of garlic;
- 250 g of salt.

For pickling cabbage in Korean is very important to choose the right head. It should not be completely white or green. If the heads are of medium size, cut them lengthwise in two, large it is better to divide by four. Then the leaves of the cabbage need to dissolve the fan and carefully RUB each one with salt. To make this more evenly you can, if you first dip the cabbage into the water and shake and then grate. Ready the leaves lay thick layers in the container where it will colitisa. Tamping is not necessary. In this state, the cabbage should be left for a day, then rinse off the salt.

Next, you need to cook the pepper paste and garlic. For this garlic skip through the press and add red chili pepper. Pepper should be the same amount as garlic. The resulting mixture RUB each leaf. In any case do not do it by hand, be sure to wear gloves. Then put all the dishes in which cabbage is stored. After another day in the heat, put the finished product in the refrigerator.

It looks like the original recipe, but because while serving, the cabbage will still have to cut, you can chop it to the desired pieces at once. In this case, rubbing the leaves is not necessary, just add salt and spices, all carefully mix. The amount of spices can be changed depending on how spicy cabbage you like. Before serving, Kim-Chi of Chinese cabbage pour vegetable oil.

The second variant of Chinese cabbage in Korean

This recipe is the cabbage turns very sharp and crisp. It is good as a snack and as an addition to various dishes. It is very simple.

You will need:
- 1 head Chinese cabbage;
- 2 tablespoons of salt;
- 1 bell pepper;
- bitter peppers;
- head of garlic;
- salt, pepper, cilantro to taste.

First you need to pickle the cabbage. Slice the cabbage along with the cobs and put in an enamel bowl. Pre-prepare the brine, taking on a liter of water, two heaped tablespoons of salt, all boil, cool and pour over the leaves. The process of salting should not exceed three days. As a result, the cabbage should become soft under the influence of salt, after which it should be washed with cold water.

Prepare the seasoning. To do this, the Bulgarian pepper, a few pods of hot pepper bitter, coriander seeds, garlic skip through Mincer or blender. Then mix the cabbage with the mixture, put in a saucepan and put in the refrigerator.