Tolmachevo airport is a large airport from which to Novosibirsk and from Novosibirsk to commit domestic and international flights many airlines. Geographically, it is located in Ob, which is 17 kilometers from Novosibirsk. To get to the airport in several main ways.


One of the most convenient options to get to the airport - bus or taxi. They depart from the busiest points of the city, convenient for transit passengers because many people come to Novosibirsk from the neighboring cities for the flight. Thus, taxi No. 312 departs from the train station Novosibirsk-Main and bus # 111, which is an Express route from the bus station. The bus also makes a stop at the railway station, so can use it and the passengers of the railway.

The range of movement of taxis at different times of the day is from 5 to 20 minutes; wait for a bus will have a little longer - they run every 30 minutes. It should be borne in mind that to use this mode of transport at night will not work: buses start running at about 4 a.m. and finish motion at 22.30. Taxis go to 5.40 and finish at 21.15.


For rail passengers an alternative option to drive to the airport will be the train, which departs directly from the station Novosibirsk-Main. However, you should take into account that the ultimate point of this journey will be a stopping platform "Aeroflot", which is located about two kilometers from the airport. The first train out of town in the direction of Tolmachevo sent to 6.12, the latest in 21.26.

Personal transport and taxi

However, the most convenient way to get to the airport is car - own transport or taxi. A trip to the airport from the city centre in a standard transport situation takes about an hour, but must take into account that when driving in rush hour that trip can be increased.

In Tolmachevo, as in many other major airports in respect of road transport control system is in operation: at the entrance to the airport are barriers, which record the time of arrival on the territory. The first 15 minutes of stay are free: this time is usually enough for the loading or unloading of baggage and passengers.