To indicate that iodine

Sometimes adding extraneous ingredients manufacturers of cheese camouflage so cleverly that even an experienced foodie can't see it. Bring counterfeiters to clean water will allow the iodine. It can be used to check the purchased curd on the quality and naturalness at home. Iodine will allow you to identify the cheese starch, which unscrupulous manufacturers add the product to increase its weight. This is done not to improve the taste of cottage cheese: the manufacturer includes a recipe in the starch exclusively in order to benefit financially.

To check the quality of the cheese is enough to take a small amount of product, it is enough one teaspoon. Place the cheese on a saucer and add just a couple drops of iodine. If the product turned blue, then it includes starch. You have bought quality cheese, if the result of the addition of iodine he has not changed his colors. Product without the starch at the point of contact with the iodine should only be painted in a light yellow color.

Test of vegetable fats

The absence of starch in the product still does not mean its unconditional quality. To increase the shelf life of the product, some manufacturers secretly add vegetable fats. Check the cheese on the content of palm oil can also at home, and in several ways.

First of all, vegetable fat pretty good feel on the tongue. To do this, eat a spoonful of cottage cheese, relish it in your mouth for 15-20 seconds. A quality product should not leave a sense of the presence of a greasy film on the tongue.

There is another method of identification of vegetable fat in cheese. To do this, place some product on a plate and leave it for several hours at room temperature. Cheese, stuffed with vegetable fats, slightly change your color. Typically, such a product while on the air, expose to the wind and quickly covered with a crust of yellowish color. In addition, it usually does not change its smell and taste. Cheese without any additives under the same conditions gets a little podcast, but it does not change its color.

Important points

If you need quality cheese, always pay attention to its packaging. Product shelf life which is specified for more than seven days, with more probability, replete with preservatives. Before buying, do not be lazy to evaluate the appearance of cottage cheese. Too liquid or dry product says the violations in the technology of its production.

Making sure that you have purchased curd successfully passed all the tests, remember the manufacturer and try to buy the product that is this brand.