Spices to the chicken

Chicken definitely needs a light spiciness. This chicken is seasoned with various kinds of pepper - black, red, white, pink or chili. Pepper decided to add to the dish at the end of cooking, as the process of heat treatment this spice gets an unpleasant bitterness. In the kitchen of Latin America in the preparation of hot wings, quesadillas, burritos and other dishes with chicken meat, it is customary to add the chili pepper adds zest to meat dishes.

Chicken goes well with marjoram, sage, rosemary, Basil, thyme and mint. These spices are used both separately and in the composition of the finished blends. Herbs used in cooking and preparation of meat, rubbing their carcass or chicken parts and leaving the meat to marinate for 30-60 minutes.

Eastern touch to chicken meat takes on due to such condiments as curry and ginger. These spices blend well with each other, so often used in the duet. The ginger gives the dish a pungency and a bit of mint flavor. Curry is not monospace, and a mixture of spices blends perfectly with the chicken. Traditionally, the composition of the curry includes cumin, white mustard, nutmeg, coriander, turmeric and different types of hot peppers.

If you prepare a dish of chicken mince, you can not do without oregano. This fragrant grass gives delicious taste and aroma of the chicken cutlets, meatballs, meatballs, meatballs, etc. But if you plan to cook the chicken on the grill, don't forget about turmeric. In the process of cooking meat on the grill turmeric nourishes its rich bouquet of spicy flavors, tinting in pleasant Golden color. Use this spice carefully, in small quantities, as it can obscure the taste of the meat.

Dishes of international cuisine made of chicken meat

In Asian cuisine chicken meat is given a sweet or sour-sweet taste. If you decide to cook the chicken in Thai, you can not do without the ginger, coriander, coconut and lime juice. Asian cooks traditionally fry the chicken in a wok, adding seasonings gradually at different stages of preparation. Amazing Asian touch to chicken meat gets with teriyaki, soy or oyster.

In Western Europe, chicken is usually served with thick white sauce: sour cream, butter, béchamel. To make the sauce perfection, European cooks flavor them with crushed garlic, lime or lemon juice, with a mixture of peppers, marjoram, tarragon, coriander, cumin, thyme, rosemary, parsley or dill.

Caucasian cuisine is replete with a variety of meat dishes. In dishes from chicken decided to add a bouquet of herbs and spices: cumin, paprika, Chaman, saffron, black pepper, sumac. Also popular is the ready mix for meats and poultry dishes, for example, oucho and Khmeli-suneli. The first is made from fresh seed blue fenugreek. And the second from dried and powdered herbs: Basil, spicy red pepper, parsley, celery, dill, coriander, Bay leaf, savory garden, mint, marjoram, fenugreek, hyssop and saffron Imereti cottage.