Shoes are very important in nature. In any season it is important to wear something that does not hinder movement, such as sneakers or loafers. Winter fit boots without heels or platforms. It is important that the sole was stable to be able to go and smooth, and sloping surface. And even in summer it is recommended a closed foot, so as not to damage the skin if you step on thorns or rigid shrub. Of course, at the beach, you can take an easier option, but if you plan to walk in the woods or field, it is better to take care of the security.
Winter nature wear something warm but not constrict movement. Better multilayer options if you're going to move, it can be a piece of clothing to remove, if you have to stand or sit, that extra stuff can not hurt. Choose a jacket, under a warm sweater or even a couple of jackets, you may need to just take with you. Not bad to wear under the clothing the underwear, it will prevent sweating, do not allow to freeze or experience discomfort due to excessive heat.
In spring and autumn need to bring spare things on nature. If slush under my feet, if the rain could start any minute, you need to have something changing. This time of year days are warm, so jeans and a windbreaker are appropriate, and by night will have to wear a warm sweater and even a pair of wool socks. Depending on the region, it is sometimes necessary to capture the warm scarf, gloves and even a winter jacket, for example, in the mountains it will be very useful.
Summer may be hot and can cool. If warm outside, nature can go to a t-shirt and shorts. Should bring a swimsuit, if you want to plunge into the water. If the heat is not strong, breeches, jeans or tracksuit suitable for the trip. You can take a windbreaker or light jacket, when suddenly the wind picks up or it gets cold.
The uniform for nature must be a sports. This will allow you to move without restriction, there is no sense of discomfort. You will be able to sit on any surface, nothing will interfere with you to play some games or to collect mushrooms, berries, or firewood from the fire. Business clothing is not appropriate as evening wear. Find bags for a trip at any sportswear shop, a departments of items for any weather.
You have to remember that all things after a trip to nature can proponate fire, if you plan to cook something. You can also experience various grass stains, dirt, from products. Choose things from fabrics, which are easy to care for, not to worry about what they can be spoiled. Better to wear something that then can be washed in the machine, and that can be easily cleaned from any dirt.