Summer In t-shirt and shorts in the forest can not walk even in the heat of the body should be fully closed. Clothing it is advisable to choose light – in a smaller biting mosquitoes. In addition, on the bright surface it is easy to see the tick. Well, if the sleeves are cuffs, and legs tuck in shoes – so the insects will be difficult to get to the skin. Pants choose a sport – they are lightweight and do not hold down movement. Shirt or turtleneck must be refilled. The head must be a cap or a bandana, scarf or Panama. Neck tie a handkerchief or scarf – it will protect from mosquito bites and the sun.
Abovegiven the rule in the choice of shoes – she needs to be comfortable and not too heavy since Hiking in the woods involves a long walk. Choosing shoes, keep in mind that the soft sole can cause injuries. In wet or swampy forest wear rubber boots, dry shoes or boots.
What to bring latana any case, grab a plaster and extra socks, ointment, gel or spray for mosquitoes, waterproof windbreaker.
Winter in the cold In the woodsat there is a great risk to first sweat and then freeze. So on the body it is best to wear thermal underwear fleece or Polartec. The main property of these materials that contact with the skin layer always remains dry, all the moisture accumulates in the outer layer. Even if you fall into the water and get wet, this lingerie is enough to just overcome. Over the bra, put on a breathable jacket and pants with padding, for hands - gloves of waterproof fabric.
Shoes the woods it is best to wear thick winter boots without insulation, because if you soak the fur layer, dry it in the field will not work. To feet cold, put on the first socks of cotton, and the top – down woolen or hand-knitted.
What to bring samozaparcia socks, gloves, sweater is the most important. You can take spare pants in case the ones that you get wet. Grab a package (they wrap and spare linen). Polyethylene will be required if shoes get wet: you can put packages on top of dry socks, so they wouldn't get wet from shoes.