The main value of Rhodiola rosea is its rhizome, which is prepared infusions, extracts, extracts. Dug the plant has a distinctive delicate aroma of rose oil, the taste of the roots of bitter and astringent, have the color of old gold – hence the second name of this plant "Golden root". Agricultural cultivation of the plant is quite simple, it is possible to grow it in your garden, but you need to consider some peculiarities and preferences Golden root.

Rhodiola rosea prefers fertile, quite light on the composition of the soil. On heavy clay soils, under conditions of constant waterlogging of the soil the plants develop badly and rot the roots, for which he is grown. A good result given organic fertilizer, regular weeding and loosening the soil in such conditions the root mass increases faster, allowing you to get a good harvest of medicinal raw materials.

For breeding Golden root crops using seeds and division of roots. The most affordable option – propagation of plants by divisions of the pieces of the rhizomes with multiple buds regeneration. To carry out the division to the spring when Rhodiola has not yet started to grow. You should first prepare the bed, make her humus, peat, wood ash and a little river sand to improve soil structure. A place to land need to choose the sunlight – in the shade of Rhodiola rosea grows worse. To plant need according to the scheme 30 x 30 cm, it is necessary that the seedlings do not shade each other.

The old plant can't dig fully, but only readily available to dig the roots and cut them out with the kidneys with a sharp knife. In this case the old plant is the rhizome will continue to grow, which will further remove from it the crops roots. Wounds after sections to sprinkle wood ashes, the roots are covered with soil. After landing telenok rhizomes need to water the plants, avoiding drying and waterlogging of the soil. A full crop of roots can be removed with this patch in 3-4 years.

If you think about the organization of the landing areas, the alternation of planting and harvesting, it is possible to arrange a continuous conveyor of the harvesting of medicinal raw materials. You will need to have 3-4 beds for growing Golden root, each of which will have different ages of plants. We should not forget about crop rotation: after digging the rhizomes at this place 2-3 years need to plant other plants, and Golden root to prepare another site.

Rodiola can be propagated and seeds, but it's pretty time-consuming activity, in most cases it is used only enthusiastic breeders to create new cultivars of this plant. Seeds Golden root is very small and poorly germinate under normal planting. To achieve germination, rodiola need to sow in late autumn.

Soil for planting should be loose, consist of 2 parts loam, 1 part sand and compost, 100 g of wood ash and 20 grams of superphosphate in a bucket of soil. After that, the mixture should be smooth, seal with his hands and to shed water. Seeds spread on the surface of moist soil and cover with a glass or plate, then bury it in the snow or put in a cold cellar for stratification and to ensure that the soil does not dry up. At the end of February a container of seed must be made in a warm room and wait for germination. For permanent plants are planted in late may-early June and care, as for other plants.