Easy to operate and low price – these are the two main advantages of budget scooters. If on the other two-wheeled transport today will need to have rights, as well as driving skills, with scooter can handle even a teenager.

Classification of scooters and their cost

Conventionally, scooters it is possible to divide the design into several types: classic, sport and retro. Sport scooters are very different from their classical counterparts – they are more like a small but powerful bikes. The cost of the first types of scooters usually rarely exceeds 80 thousand rubles.

Retro scooters in the modern Russian market are very rare – such a technique can only order at a high price from abroad. Usually retro scooters are completely redone, but with a preserved appearance of the scooters of the last century. Sometimes the owners of the collector's two-wheeled vehicles, make small repairs without making serious design changes. The cost of these models is on average 150-500 thousand.

The price of individual models of scooters from reputable companies

Analyzing the global market for two-wheel vehicles it can be concluded that the most expensive are scooters of Japanese and European firms, and the most cheap – Chinese, and Korean vehicles. The most popular and best-selling Japanese scooters is the technique of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

The average cost of these scooters is 20-100 thousand roubles depending on model and year. If you liked the so-called Maxi-scooters, you have to pay for them more than 120 thousand (this is especially true of equipment made by Suzuki, which has achieved impressive results in this niche of the transport market).

One of the most famous European firms, which are engaged in the development and sales of scooters are Italian Benelli, Aprilia, Vespa, Derbi and others. Of course, scooters from these companies are quite expensive – from 60 to 130 thousand rubles (more expensive more powerful models of scooters).

Cheap Asian scooters (Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese) can now be found on every corner. Despite the use of not too high quality material for plastic parts, these scooters are low cost and interesting design. Scooters Omacks, Irbis, Stels, Hyosung and some others are on sale practically in each shop of motorcycles.