There are such strange dreams in which the sleeper beats himself. It is believed that the dream heralds the fulfillment of desires, says that everything in life is achievable if you make this effort. If in the dream the man was beaten by a group of angry people, in which he even vaguely one of them, this dream symbolizes the many internal fears, unreasonable anxieties and fears that hibernate hide from others. He most likely doesn't take much to arouse suspicion in society, and he is not reputed to be paranoid, but to live it is not easy, and the dream. If it is repeated several times, then maybe it makes sense to look for help from medicine. Recurring bad dreams, spend the nervous cells of the person, and there is nothing wrong in seeking to avoid them, to seek the assistance of medicine, if the person is not self-medicates. This option may have a more harmful effect on the body than bad dreams.
To find out what caused the dream about the beating and what it portends, should pay attention to the environment. Dark spaces represent lack of information, gossip, rumors, secret fears. Cellars, basements, pits, ravines, wells, dungeons is the past, past events, experience, old friends. To be in this moment under the bridge promises unreliable protection from anything. The one who protects the sleeping, does it only because he himself is convenient and profitable. Bright light and the sun, which interferes in sleep, blinding and does not look is also a symbol of fear, but the fear in this case is likely to be associated with the exposure of something. If you are around in the dream, just light and well see everything - people, is not likely to strive for self-deception and is able to accept the situation as it is and understand it.
Some dream books interpret the dream that the sleeping beat, as the harbinger of a strong friendship in a short time. If this sleep saw the blood, it can be unexpected rapprochement with someone from the family, but if there was no blood - will beat someone previously unfamiliar and does not associated with the sleeping, but their friendship is likely to be long and strong. It is possible to interpret this dream as a harbinger of membership of a person in a love marriage where the partner will support, support and comfort. If in the dream the first person is just watching the fight and then decides to participate, it portends his competitors in your favorite business. If the decision to participate in the fight, takes not he, but someone else, who is sleeping as the observer comes under the hot hand, sleep could be a precursor to hatred unrestrained and unintelligent person.