Cleaning of vessels is carried out usually doctors using various drugs. If the doctor offers a treatment that will help to put in order the vascular system, should not give up. However, remember that you can optionally also use traditional methods, allowing to clean the vessels.

How to clean the vessels at home

One of the recognized products used to clean the vessels at home is garlic. Combined with lemon it becomes especially valuable properties. In order to prepare the tool for cleaning the vessels of these ingredients, take a few cloves of garlic, chop them in a blender along with 4 washed lemons. Put in a glass jar and pour cooled boiled water to the top of the tank. Put infuse for three days at room temperature. Every day shake the infusion.

The finished product filter and pour into a sterilized dish, put in the fridge. Drink 50-100 ml three times a day. And keep in mind that the maximum dose permissible only in the case if you have no diseases. If you have any chronic disease, do not get carried away and drink more than 1-2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day. This home medication can significantly lower cholesterol and at the same time doesn't overload the digestive system with unnecessary actions.

For even more effective cleaning of vessels to use a combination of garlic, lemon and honey. For the preparation you will need 6 lemons, 350 g of honey, 4 garlic cloves. Lemons and garlic mix with honey, and then the resulting slurry was put in a jar of dark glass. Leave a squad for 1.5 weeks in a dark place. The finished syrup pour and strain, then pour into another bowl. Drink this composition to this: take 1 table spoon of funds and dilute it to 200 ml of warm water. Take the drug 2 times a day.

Include in your diet plenty of vegetables, especially green. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels, nourish the body with vitamins, iron and calcium. Cauliflower, beets, onions, as experts assure, improve the vascular permeability, thus fulfilling a preventive function.

Citrus, fresh herbs, cereals - all of these products restore the flexibility of blood vessels and improve blood flow. The result is a reduced risk of clots of blood, the appearance of thrombi and development of strokes. Raspberry, Rowan, currants, strawberries and many other berries help to strengthen all body systems, purify the blood, reduce the fragility of blood vessels.

What rules must be followed

Be sure to follow the course completely. Remember that the effect of natural products usually builds up in the body, therefore, full effect will have to wait quite a long time. But the first improvement in well-being, you can feel immediately after the start of treatment.

Preparing infusions, do not fill the product with boiling water. He will kill in the green all the vitamins and nutrients that are so important to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. So always use room temperature water, boiled beforehand.

To improve the effect, add to the herbal medicine therapy. It's pretty simple in execution, but the result is simply stunning - and the weight helps normal maintain, and regulates blood circulation and prevents the formation stagnation, leading to the appearance of plaques.