What you dream of shooting? Dream Of Juno

Is not always dreams, in which shoot are favorable. Sometimes they mean the upcoming alarms, and troubles. For example, to see all of the sleep associated with shooting, spouses, partner, family problems. Interestingly, in most cases, the cause of family drama will, of course, treason by one of the spouses.

If dreaming like a dreamer shoots his friend, in reality he feels to him a terrible enmity, his patience soon ran out. In order not to commit follies, you need to defuse the situation: talk to this friend, to explain, to dot the "I".

If the dreamer sees how he shoots at close range to your enemy, the reality of that resentment, he will soon cause his hater, will leave a trace in the soul of the latter. If the dream as one man shot the other, in real life the owner of such sleep, many cases will go to the mountain. Indiscriminate shooting of birds is good luck! The most important thing here is to shoot as many birds. Any mistake – this is some small life disorder.

What dreams target shooting? The Dream Miller

Dream shooting at a target represents the focus of the thoughts and actions of the dreamer to some own particular life goals. Often these paintings you can see people working in those or other long and tedious chores. However, this dream carries a positive omen: the man is on the right path, he boldly forward.

What you dream of shooting?

Generally, many dream books believe that the shooting in the dream with other people indicate the anxiety of the dreamer, which is something very alarmed. Often these dreams can be seen, if in reality there is discord between the dreamer and his colleagues at work, or there is some kind of conflict situation in the family. Commentators recommended as soon as possible to resolve these problems and conflicts, otherwise you can seriously get bogged down in the "swamp".

What a dream the firing of guns?

Shooting a gun usually dream hunters. Probably don't need to explain why. If hunters dream of such a pattern, this sleep – soother because it is a projection of real events on the subconscious. But if an ordinary person dreams, he hunts with a gun on any animal in real life for him is coming, tough love, serious relationship and understanding!