Ground coffee loses its properties quite rapidly, and the finer the grind, the faster. This is due to a few things. First, the aroma and taste of coffee largely due to the volatile compounds of various essential oils, which are formed in the bean during roasting. They disintegrate pretty quickly. Second, ground coffee easily loses moisture and absorb odors from the environment. To check how quickly this happens, try to grind grain and leave the powder for several hours outdoor. Then put in grinder new batch of beans and compare the aroma of freshly ground and rested.
If you buy ground coffee, and even well-preserved, vacuum-Packed, after opening the pack volatile compounds still start to quickly leave the powder. Beans they hold on a little longer. So, of course, the best place to buy coffee beans and grind it each time before you decide to make a Cup.
An additional advantage of buying coffee beans that ground coffee is often counterfeited: the powder is diluted with other varieties cheaper. With grains to make it much more difficult: you will immediately determine an alien admixture of foreign visa coffee beans. Notice impurities in the mind ground coffee is impossible, and if it is wrong to keep it, even oddities of taste to feel will not work. On this crooks and counting.
If you are preparing different coffee, for example, now want to cook it in Turku, and tomorrow – brewing in a French press or in espresso mocha, you just need to buy bean coffee and grind it yourself. For each type of preparation requires a different grind. To obtain the desired degree of grinding independently only by using a grinder or the coffee machine, which has a coffee grinder.
Recommend ground coffee can only to those people who are not able to use the grain. For example, you drink coffee at work, and the grinder it will not install. The reasons are different. In all other cases, it is advisable to purchase this device, moreover, its price is relatively low: it is possible to find very cheap models.