Often in this situation, all the same girls: they are more emotional, vulnerable and, moreover, they have fewer opportunities to take the initiative. However, you can always try little by little to push the action, the object of your sympathy. But, of course, first you need to interest him.

Before you proceed, you should decide what he wants the girl to be dominant in the relationship and achieve everything with your own efforts, or be a gentle and charming creature that will defend and protect. The second option is probably still more attractive.

To achieve the desired goal and allow the young man to conquer himself is required to put a lot of effort. For a start, not stopping to see if he had a girlfriend. If he is Dating someone, it is best to leave attempts. As you know, on someone else's misfortune happiness can not be built.

If the young person is free, you need to find out what are his interests and what places he is most often. It could be a gym or a social club. In this case, the girl pretty good like to be there by accident, it is advisable and in the company. The object of your sympathy is better to not notice immediately and also casually.

If possible, you should observe how he interacts with other people, especially mother, sister, or girls together working or studying. From these observations we can conclude, what we can expect from him and whether to do it.

Sometimes she tries to arouse interest from the young man, creating the illusion that she was already seeing someone. So she wants to show him his attractiveness and "demand". Actually, this is not necessary. A decent person can just step to the side, even if the girl really interested him.

You should try always to be seen, however, this does not necessarily imply obsession. Just have to be active, not to allow the young person to forget about its existence. In fellowship with him we must always be friendly and behave naturally.

Of course, you should always maintain restraint and patience. Let everything comes naturally. Joint trainings or other activities can give you the opportunity to communicate. The girl should be more interested in the life of a young man, to find common topics of conversation, in the case of releasing well-deserved praise. Men's nice attention to their person.

Drawing the attention of the young person should be given time to evolve its senses. If the guy and girl find common ground, and she will be able to make your company pleasant for him, he will soon he will begin to act.