You can be a great expert and are well versed in the field, work with, and to attend refresher courses, but the discussion of accounting or the specifics of writing programs in one of the programming languages is unlikely to help you strike up a casual conversation with an unfamiliar person. Write a list of topics you find interesting, and which could engage in a conversation with a stranger. For example, it may be the new movies, modern Russian literature, city news, fashion trends. Deepen your knowledge on these topics, read magazines and watch programs about them. These conversations will be of interest to a wide audience and by learning how confident and exciting to talk about the latest trends in the world of perfume or poets-contemporaries, you will gain listeners.


A famous proverb says that people initially appreciate each other's clothes. Of course, then pay attention to what you say, the way to behave, but the first impression from the appearance. So you should try to look decent. Interest are people with their own style, but looking to the appropriate. If you are afraid to make mistakes and afraid to experiment, get a unique accessory or piece that caught my eye – a fanciful brooch, painted by a handkerchief, an antique pendant. This item will be attract to you the views of others.

Interesting hobby

Get yourself a hobby. It is better to give preference to something original: not collecting stamps or modern dance, as, for example, embroidery of traditional patterns of Indian tribes, mountaineering or Japanese dance with fans. Such a hobby will give you a bit of strangeness in the eyes of friends and will be of interest to you. You may not find anyone who would share with you such an unusual hobby, but a modicum of uniqueness will add you value in the eyes of others.


Do not try to immediately put unfamiliar companions all the information about you: who are your parents, where you work, what was your childhood dream and what guided in decision-making. The man, whose motives are clear, the reasoning is always clear, but actions are not surprising, slowly becomes boring. Leave room for mystery – people are not always you can predict it's only going to hold their interest.