Twelve-string guitars guitar

There are two instruments from the family of guitars that have twelve strings: one string is equally removed from each other, the second – six pairs of strings, as if on a classical six-string guitar twisted every. However, the name "twelve-string guitars the guitar is the second instrument.

These guitars appeared in America in the early XX century and was popular among the folk singers. Now used by musicians as a rhythm guitar. Interestingly, these guitars quickly come into disrepair due to twice the number of strings than the classic tension, therefore, is doubled. Some musicians deliberately tune this guitar a tone lower, loosening the strings and prolonging the life of the tool.

Seven-string guitar

Affectionately call her "seven". Russian guitar, Gypsy guitar, was very popular in Russia before the revolution. According to legend, its inventor was a musician Andrew Sihora, who wrote for the seven-string guitar a thousand good works. With time, thanks to the traveling Gypsies, this guitar came to Brazil and had got a second life. Now seven-string guitar can be seen during a performance of Russian romances, Gypsy songs, Brazilian folk music.

Six-string guitar

The most common type of guitar, the so-called "classic". Can be both acoustic and electric.
Popular among rock musicians, Blues musicians, bards – game six-string guitar can be heard in a neighboring yard, and at the academic concert. In music schools everywhere there is a class "guitar". For six-string guitar written and very simple composition, which in a short time can teach a beginner, and a massive, complex works requiring virtuoso playing.

Four-stringed guitar

Four strings have a tenor guitar and bass guitar. The most famous tenor guitar is a ukulele – a small and playful tool. Bass guitars common in different musical styles and, as a rule, they play in conjunction with other instruments, although the bass lines can be resonant and complex in themselves.

Custom guitar

The additional strings allow the guitar to have a wider range and a rich, full-bodied sound, unusual timbre. Sometimes the bass guitar adds an extra string or two. There are guitars with two necks, they are especially popular among rock musicians.