Types of strings for classical guitar

For this kind of guitars on the market represented a huge range of different strings. As a rule, for classical guitar strings are made from either nylon or carbon fibre. In addition, there are gut strings from animal gut. The bass strings of the classical guitar are also produced of nylon, but with the addition of metal filaments winding. As the material of the winding is most often used bronze with silver-plated or bronze with the addition of phosphorus.

Nylon strings

This is a pretty popular type of strings for classical guitar. Strings of this type, wear-resistant, durable. Dimensions of nylon strings is different, so the tension force should be determined from the information on the packaging. As a rule, on the pack with strings there are the following inscriptions: Hard, Normal or Light tension. Data labels are translated as strong, normal and low tension respectively. For aspiring guitarists are usually advised of the weak string tension. For more experienced musicians are recommended to purchase the strings strong and medium tension.

Carbon strings

Carbon strings are made from carbon material, exceeding in quality nylon. This material was developed in Japan and quickly found application in many fields, including the production of musical instruments. Strings of carbon fiber are very durable and are more durable compared with nylon. In addition, carbon is extracted strings more resonant sound. The density of carbon is higher than that of nylon, so with a small diameter to achieve a strong tension strings. The main disadvantage of this type of string is obvious — the high price.

Gut strings

Such exotic strings are created from animal gut, and they are valued mainly by lovers of ancient music. In a free market such strings can not be found. In the process of their creation we use modern technologies to increase their lifetime.

The winding for the bass strings

Winding bass strings also come in several types. Winding of bronze without any impurities is rarely used, as the strings wear out quickly. The cost of the strings with bronze windings, as a rule, small. The winding is silver-plated bronze bass strings are quite often used in the production. This coating increases the service life of the strings, furthermore, it increases the quality of the extracted sound. The value of this type string is a little more expensive strings with a simple bronze winding. There are also strings with a coil of silver plated brass which are high wear resistance. The winding is made of bronze with the addition of phosphorus is one of the best types of windings. Such strings extracted a very long, soft and voluminous sound.