The most common and "safe" the reason for the aggravation of rhinitis or inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, forcing frequent use of napkins or a handkerchief, which irritate the delicate skin. Another reason may be improper for a cleanser which dry the skin. A strong wind or frost can also cause such peeling. In any of these cases, it is sufficient to use moisturizing and nourishing creams. The nutrient is preferably applied for forty minutes before leaving the house, and moisturizing before going to sleep. Of course, you must eliminate the source of irritation of the skin (to treat runny nose, change a facial wash, wrapped in a scarf on the street in a strong wind).
In some cases, cause irritation in the nose may be allergic, also characterized by the burning sensation and redness of the eyes. If the cause is allergic reaction, contact a specialist. He will prescribe the right medication will help to pick a multivitamin complex. It is not necessary to run Allergy, without proper treatment it can become chronic, then the redness under the nose would be much more difficult to clean, besides, it is not the biggest problem in a number of other symptoms.
Unfortunately, there are more serious causes inflammation and redness in the nose area. In this case, can only help a good dermatologist, and the treatment have to spend a lot of money, time and effort.
Like redness and peeling of the skin under the nose can be caused by demodicosis. This nasty disease causes skin Demodex mite which is normally present under the skin of ninety-seven percent of all people, but not all aktiviziruyutsya. Demodectic mange most often occurs during a hormonal meltdown in puberty, pregnancy, after serious illness or major stress, that is, in periods when defenses are depleted.
Demodectic mange is difficult to diagnose because the mites can hide in the deep layers of the skin, does not manifesting itself during the collection of tests. Unfortunately, the treatment of demodicosis may be delayed. Often, a full recovery takes a year. Treatment consists of reception of antibiotics, the recovery properties of the skin, General immunity, repairing the metabolism. Redness and peeling will begin to fade only after a few months of continuous use is necessary drugs.
Regardless of the reasons for the peeling, you can try to alleviate the most basic. First, it is not necessary to scrub away flakes nails, better promacot area of peeling wet disc, carefully remove atmaksa scales, then be sure to coat the affected area with a moisturizing cream. Second, it makes sense to reconsider your diet. It is desirable to eliminate obvious allergens (chocolate, honey, salt and hot spices). Thirdly, you should avoid direct sunlight, because they can increase inflammation.