Gopnik should be distinguished from thieves or other representatives of the criminal world. If you are trying to beat, without a word, it is not the muggers. If you stole a bag or pulled the wallet is also not drunks. Most often, in their actions, even there is no crime, as victims themselves give the phones or the money. In the case when comes to the aid of the police, they just gave up the subject and say things like, "why didn't he come?".

As a rule, bullies know exactly what to push and how to make the victim feel guilty and obligated. Moreover, they are required to follow certain rules or "terms", so do all their actions were interpreted incorrectly. You can take advantage of it if you understand some basic rules. However, there are exceptions everywhere, so the following text will be devoted to the "right" ones.

General tips

If you are a representative of the beautiful half of humanity, then you have every right to just ignore the bullies and go on about their business. They can only stand in your way, but to miss or not go simply do not have the right. Then, you have to run or call for help. Girls better not to talk with these representatives of the criminal world. You can just tell that rush to her husband and to go about their business.

The stronger sex in this situation was less fortunate, as ignoring it is considered disrespectful and "concepts" can be punished by force. Of course, if you have the opportunity, you better just run, because bullies rarely pursue their victims. But if you catch, the payoff could be stronger. So try not to catch the eyes of these representatives of the criminal world.

Specific advice

Do not greet the muggers hand. At the meeting they will lend you a hand. So, by "concepts" you can't shake hands with a stranger unless you know him. Thus, you show that conversation is not initiated and "ask" you for unanswered questions can't. So tell me: "I don't know."

In any case it is not necessary to justify, as it is a direct path to your humiliation. Remember that all your words they can interpret their way. In the worst case, simply "include the fool" at the best ask counter-questions.

Any attacks in the style of "who are you in life?" can fend off the phrase "and for what purpose are interested in?". It is "interested", not "ask", otherwise you may be misunderstood. If the answer is "for myself, interested in" reiterate, I don't know him.

Don't show your weaknesses, don't answer "awkward questions". As soon as you feel that Gopnik weaken the attack, one can safely say that you need to go. Don't say good-bye and answer the questions "where" or "why".

Of course, situations can be a big set. Most importantly, do not give reason to seem weak spiritually. Remember that just because you will not hit it and the thing will not take, because it will be considered "lawlessness", which is severely punished in their circles.