The truth about big Ben

People far from the history of England, believe that big Ben is the clock tower in Central London. Actually, big Ben is the largest bell in the clock tower, located in the Northern part of the Palace of Westminster. Behind him also began to call and the whole architectural ensemble consisting of a tower, the bell group and dials.

The tower was built in 1858, and a year later it established the well-known watch. The construction height together with the spire is 96 meters. Because of this, landmark, visible almost from any point of the embankment of the river Thames. The clock faces located on all four sides of the tower. They also have impressive size – 7 meters in diameter, large arrow length is 4.2 m, and minor – 2,7 m. for a Long time these watches were considered the largest in the world, while the US has not established dial with large dimensions.

Watches also are known for their reliability. They are considered the international standard for time. Precision time speed adjust with a coin – old English penny, weighing 1.5 grams. The inspector, depending on the weather conditions affecting the movement, puts on the pendulum of a coin or removes it. It accelerates or retards the pendulum motion for 2.5 seconds per day.

Inside the tower are 4 bells. They call every hour on the hour, its chimes the rhythm of the words: "In this hour the Lord keeps me, and his strength will not allow anyone to stumble". The largest bell, the big Ben, weighs 13.76 tons. There are several theories as to why bell was given this name. On one of them, big Ben was named after Deputy Benjamin Hall. When the bells first rang in the clock tower, parliamentarians have dedicated an entire meeting to the issue of choice of the names of the bells. Benjamin Hall, who had the nickname big Ben (big Ben) because of its excess weight, made a fiery speech, but anything sensible did not advise. And someone jokingly proposed to call the largest bell in honor of the eloquent stout parliamentarian. The name was used for the construction. According to another version, the name of the bell invented workers who erected it. At the time, was a very popular Boxing champion in the heavyweight Benjamin Comte, from which the workers were crazy.

Big Ben today

In 2012 the clock tower was renamed in honour of the current Queen Elizabeth II. Near famous buildings are the public and secular holidays. With the chimes in the night from December 31 to January 1, celebrate the New year. Also the ringing of bells pay tribute to Britons killed during military battles.

Tourists, when visiting London, I consider it my duty to visit big Ben. That's just inside the tower today do not let everyone in. Over time, the Elizabeth tower lurched. Therefore, for the safety of tourists and preservation of historical and cultural heritage tours to big Ben prohibited. However, nothing prevents to admire one of the main attractions of the British capital from the outside.