What is the endorphins

The word "endorphin" in translation from Greek means the "inner pleasure". If you consider the endorphins from a scientific point of view, they are complex chemical compounds with the polypeptide bonds. They can cause euphoria along with the morphine-like compounds. These substances are produced by the pituitary gland and control the state of the endocrine glands of man.

First endorphins have been found in the mammalian brain in 1975. It was then proven that endorphins have a structure which is very similar to morphine. That is why they cause euphoria similar to the feeling after the intake of drugs.

Currently, it is known that endorphins, taken together, form a single endorphin system. She, in turn, blocks the analgesic effect of narcotic analgesics, regulates the formation of emotions, but also controls the range of perception.

It is believed that the endorphins responsible for positive emotions, so it is often called a natural drug. That is why many people are trying to trigger the release of these substances into the blood.

How to trigger the release of endorphins in the blood

There are several ways to cause a splash. The first way is to eat hot peppers. It is believed that if you hold a piece of the pepper on the tongue, soon you'll feel significantly better. Second, it is a reasonable and effective way that is positive thinking. The ancient Greeks noticed that positive thoughts greatly improve mood.

In addition, to trigger the release of endorphins, enough to eat a chocolate bar or a laugh. And, of course, the surest way is sex.

The importance and the role of endorphins

Of course, the role of endorphins in the body is very high. Besides the fact that they are the "hormones of happiness", they regulate the functioning of all vital organs and ensure efficient functioning of all systems of the human body. Since the structure of the endorphin is a hormone, it no doubt plays a role in maintaining the human immune system. Furthermore, he provides a powerful counter the negative effects of stress.

Currently, widely used drugs that can increase the level of endorphins. Such drugs include "transfer Factor".