How to deal with spider mites on houseplants?

This parasite is very dangerous for houseplants. Bring it sometimes is very difficult because the female spider mite can quietly burrow into the ground and hibernate for an indefinite period. A symptom of appearance on houseplants spider mites is the appearance of white spots, sprawling across the sheet. As a result, the leaves dry and fall off. Another sign indicating the appearance of the plants of spider mites is the appearance of fine webs, entangling the leaves and stem of the plant.

To combat spider mites, it is recommended to regularly spray the plants phosphorous and sulfur drugs, can kill the eggs of these pests. If the use of such pesticides is not possible, you can turn to folk remedies. For this you need to grind 100 grams of garlic, and then fill it with a liter of water and left to infuse for a week. To spray the plants with the resulting mixture, it is necessary to follow the proportion of 10 g of infusion in 1 l of water.

If the plants that are chosen by spider mites, spray is contraindicated, then you can use the following method: the garlic should finely chop and lay on the ground in a flower pot. After that you need to cover the plant with a polyethylene bag for 3 hours. In the fight against spider mites helps dandelion root 30 g of crushed root pour a liter of water. After 4 hours the infusion will be ready. You can start spraying the plants.

It is recommended to spray your plants with solutions "Malathion" and "Intair". After the procedure spraying of flower it is necessary to envelop the polymer bag. This will help to achieve the best result. The most effective in combating the parasite drugs are Ectopic", "Vermitec" and "Fitoverm".

How to deal with spider mites on the cucumbers?

If spider mite appeared on the cucumbers, then any struggle against it must be carefully considered. Thoroughly spray the underside of leaves. For this purpose, a decoction of garlic and sage. For best results it is recommended to seek the assistance of professional chemicals. Don't forget to remove mite-leaves – it is recommended to burn entirely. At the end of the harvest, you need to burn all cucumber whip. To spider mite appeared on the cucumber again, it is recommended that the disinfection in greenhouses and greenhouses.