The gooseberry bushes may be susceptible to pests and various diseases. The most common is powdery mildew, which attacks the leaves of the plant, giving them a kind of web. A 5.5% solution of ammonium nitrate will cope with the disease, but will also serve as a kind of fertilizer for plants. Infusions of mullein, wood ash can help to get rid of the disease. Spraying is necessary to carry out 2-3 times at intervals of three weeks.
But most of the gooseberry is attacked by various pests that destroy leaves, shoots. If the plants aphids are discovered, you need to prepare for its destruction a solution of soda ash and soap. Of chemicals in the stores you can buy "Decis", "Fufanon". Solutions for spraying are prepared strictly in accordance with the instructions, apply them during the growing season, when the buds bloom.
Very dangerous pest is the moth, she can destroy a crop of berries. Combat gardeners prefer to use only natural ingredients: mustard, potato tops or tomato. This is necessary to prepare the infusions, add the soap and carry out the spraying of the bushes. The best time for treatment is considered to be the end of the flowering gooseberry.
Borer is another pest that can damage the gooseberry bushes. The measure of control is spraying with an infusion of wood ash. It is a safe composition for plants and humans, but which is able to destroy the pest. Gardeners with experience suggest to carry out preventive spraying when the Sawfly is still in the chrysalis stage. Treatment should be carried out in early spring, when the snow starts to melt.
To combat Sawfly and moth suit, and biological remedies. Examples of lepidocide lepidocide concentrated and stable, bitoksibatsillin. They are also capable of destroying leaf-eating insects that cause irreparable harm to the plant. After treatment with these drugs is observed a mass mortality of pests and destroying their eggs.
To obtain the excellent crop of gooseberries in early spring, you must take care of prevention against pests and various diseases. Therefore, experienced gardeners always have a stock of special tools for the treatment of gooseberry bushes.