The sexologists recommend to look at the root of the problem, i.e. finding the reasons why it occurs it is unbridled desire.
Provokes libido the excess of free time, which makes to know the forbidden and make new friends. In humans, the libido which you want to suppress, there should be free time. There are lots of methods useful and pleasant pastime. Sexologists advise to indulge their creativity. This course will be able to occupy all thoughts.
Also a strong libido can be inherited genetically. In this case, you can try to solve the problem with the help of a psychologist.
The excess of external stimuli, that is, bare male and female bodies, pornographic films, etc. greatly increases libido. Today this problem is particularly acute, since the presence of morality among the young generation not traced. Limit the viewing of these paintings.
The influence of the environment. At first glance this interpretation may seem silly, but it's not. The problem is that strong sexual attraction may be laid down in adolescence, when friends tell about desire and intimacy. In the children's subconscious mind formed a stereotype that a strong libido is right. Here also worth to go to a psychologist and try to understand the problem.
The suppression and humiliation leads to the development of a strong libido. This theory was developed by Freud, he argued that if the child is a child in all suppressed, as a protest, he may develop a strong libido.
For suppression of the libido, it's useful to do sports. Not only does it take over a lot of free time, but and strength.
To talk about the causes of uncontrolled desires with his companion. Initially this may seem absurd, but actually – this method is very good. If love is mutual, then, ideally, you go together to the sexologist who will help solve the problem. May even advise you to take medical drugs.