Resale apartments business is not for everyone. After all, one can begin only with a good starting capital. In addition, due to the fact that fraud in the construction industry is quite widespread, you should always be willing to risk. Experts say that if everything is arranged properly and to consider all the details, resale apartments can be an excellent option of income.
Rentiers are usually those who already have their own apartment to live in. In fact quite problematic, taking a corner, roll spend millions.

How to organize your case on the resale of apartments

There are several different ways of how to become a successful investor. The easiest and most obvious option is the purchase of an apartment in the early stage of building a house, approximately when just starting to excavate. At this time, can be purchased at a fairly low price good footage of the apartment. Next just need to wait for the end of construction, and the apartment will be able to resell at a price of 2, or even 3 times more expensive than was originally paid for it.
Of course, this option is suitable only for the person in whose presence there is money for housing. In this case, the options with the mortgage completely inappropriate to sell such property will be difficult.

However, in this embodiment, it is necessary to account the risks, because there are known cases when the box was ready, but the connection to the communications was delayed. In this case too it is possible to sell the apartment, but to obtain the cost you expected, is unlikely to have.

Alternatively, you can buy an apartment in the secondary housing. Yes, it will cost more than new building during the construction phase. But if you invest it in more money for repair and make it habitable, you will be able to receive from it dividends.
Often, buyers choose an apartment in disrepair, then have it back to normal and sell for much more money. However, it is worth considering that the emergency should be flat, not a house.

Can earn and urgent purchase of apartments. For example, if someone urgently due to various reasons need to sell their homes, it would not be particularly bargain. And professionals in the field of preproga residential property in the heat of the moment will be able to get yourself a discount. And then will be just to sell the apartment at a price that will suit you.

Another way – step acquisition of rooms in communal apartment. This method is good because you can then buy and get an apartment at a price much lower than the average. After all, the room individually cost less than housing as a whole.

However, it is understood that this method is quite lengthy and complex, and to conduct such operations better with an experienced realtor.

What you should consider

For those who want to start a business for resale flats should take into account that it is best to go odnushki and kopeck piece. But on the flats with many rooms to earn more difficult. Their cost is compared to two not much higher, but wishing for such mansions are few.

Also, you should put in your budget and the services of a realtor. May it take you 3-5% profit, but you can be sure that you will not be deceived. And aid is not excessive.

Also, you should focus on the expectation – sometimes to sell a flat you have to wait from several months to several years.

Alternatively, you could build a business not for resale, and rental apartments. Take your existing property and you will quickly discourage your spending.