You will need
  • - loaf of bread (white or loaf).
A few decades ago, bread was one of the most commonly used baits for fishing. The fact that bread products in water swell and hide the hook on which the fish is in the end a fairly good bite.
Avid fishermen usually take at least three or four chopped loaves for a good bite. Some crumbs in the water to float or sink, creating a kind post in the center of which will be your bait. For larger fish, this post is not so important compared to your nozzle on the hook, which, in fact, will be the only substantial food for the future catch.
There is an opinion that the bread easily falls off the hook. Professionals can easily solve this problem by combining several slices of a kind of barrel. To make it simple enough, for a start, put two or three small pieces on top of each other. Then, using a packing needle, remove the barrel from the cut, and the needle guide through a small loop of hair snap. Then you need to move the barrel on the line and adjust its position by the stopper.
If you don't want to settle for a small catch, it is better to use for bait not the crumb and crust. She has a tendency to float, so you will be easier to fish from the surface. Good bait can be obtained from the crust of a loaf, but before that it is necessary to "pomarinovat" in a plastic bag for two to three days to give it greater elasticity, allowing her a long time to stay on the hook.
Some fishing enthusiasts go ahead and create a bait in the form of a kind sandwiches. They are much stronger attracted to the potential victim in that case, if you are using white bread (which is perfectly visible in the water) and the filling is quite a different color (as you can use worms, corn, etc.).
Most often used for fishing bread flake. Make them easier: you simply break off a small piece of bread or loaf. But the bait should slightly compress around the forearm, then it will soak in water up to impressive size and will attract the attention of fish.