How to kick hyacinth

To a blooming hyacinth to the women's day is very nice, but much more interesting to grow it yourself, it's easy. That the plant bloomed in late February-early March, you need to plant the bulb at the end of December. For distillation it is necessary to choose a major, full-length, not rotten onion. To purchase planting material of hyacinth in a flower shop or use flower bulbs that grow in the garden.

In the flower pot you need to pour a layer of clay pebbles or gravel for drainage, then soil nutrient for flowers, where you add a few granules of superphosphate. The onion is not necessary to bury in the soil – it should be above ground level at 2-3 cm For distillation will require hyacinth high humidity and a lower temperature: it should be in the range from +15 to -18 ºc. Waterlogged soil is not necessary, the hyacinths don't like that, in such circumstances, they rot.

It is best to water the plant via the tray so that the moisture came from to the roots. After the formation of the stems need to be careful to not attracted to light and was not overturned. This usually happens if the plant is grown at elevated temperatures and low light. To avoid this, you need to periodically rotate the pot, remove it overnight in a cool place or fix in any way stems in a vertical position. Forcing weakens and exhausts a bulb, so in this period you need to pay regularly in soil nutrients.

What to do after flowering

After the hyacinth flourished, you need to trim the flower stalk and continue to sparingly water the plant until the leaves wither. During this period, the follicle will be able to restore a little strength and rest. Then you need to shake it out of the pot and dry well to avoid root rot. In autumn you can plant the bulb in soil in the garden to bloom the following year, in natural conditions, and finally gained strength. On re-distillation of this onion do not need to take.

If hyacinths have flourished in the garden, you need to wait for the yellowing leaves, and gently dig up the bulbs. It is recommended to do a knife cross-cuts on the bottom of the bulb, be sure the treating the knife with rubbing alcohol after each plant. The incisions necessary to dry, lay the bulbs in a cardboard box and removed to dry in a dark place. Back to flower bed planting material should be planted in early September. By this time, each follicle is formed by a few kids that you can use for breeding. Before planting you need to pre-dig the flower bed and fill the land full of mineral fertilizer. In good conditions, with proper storage and care for hyacinth bulbs can bloom up to 8-10 years.