The tail and the health of the cat

Cats are very nervous when people are touching their tails. Usually it is allowed to do only owners. From the usual stroking of the cat's tail is nothing wrong with the animal is not going to happen. But to dramatically yank this sensitive organ is not necessary.

In the cat tail is very many nerve endings. And no wonder, because the tail is nothing but a continuation of the spine. In cats, unlike dogs, this part of the spine rather weak and painful. A sharp yanking the cat's tail could easily damage the spine, in this case the animal will remain paralyzed.

The spine of the cat is closely linked with the intestines, which can also be damaged in the injury of the tail. This confirms the old wisdom "don't pull the cat's tail will go to the toilet anywhere!". And, of course, the cat with the injured tail be sure to show the veterinarian and strictly follow all his instructions for treatment.

The importance of the tail of the cat

Balancing the tail for the cat has a huge significance. There are plenty of tailless and short-tailed breeds of cat. Of course, the tail helps the cat to climb trees, jump and stay up. A large and significant role of the tail can be seen in slow motion to drop the cat from a height. But the cats of the Isle of man excellent job with the alignment in the air, and without this process of the spine.

It is believed that with the help of the tail cat Express their feelings and emotions. A high-up tail - a sort of greeting to the owner when the cat comes out to meet him. If furry pet abruptly jerks his tail from side to side, it is a sign of anxiety and nervous condition. In such moments it is better not to anger the cat and leave her alone. Even more worrying sign, saying it is ready to attack is a long flapping tail.

When people carelessly treat your pet and its tail, it can damage the organ of communication. In this case, the set of signals is significantly reduced, the cat lost the ability to tell you about their feelings and problems! The animal is oppressed by the impossibility to use all the features of the tail.

Let's carefully and sensitively relate to their Pets, to explain to children from an early age the importance of kindness and love to our younger brothers. Let the child grows from infancy is reasonable and humane. No need to pull the cat's tail, better to cuddle her and give treat.