Chemistry for thin hair

Often in the salons owners of fine hair I advise you to make an easy chemistry. Chemistry gives your hair more volume and removes the Shine. After chemotherapy hair does not require special installation, and therefore less susceptible to damage. Apparently hair look healthy and strong.

However, as with any chemical effect, the wave destroys the hair from the inside out. Thin hair is already susceptible to the influence of the environment, but after chemo they can begin to split and break. Permed often change the color of regrown hair.

Laminating thin hair

Lamination – a cosmetic procedure that aims to restore the structure of hair. This treatment gives the hair Shine, silkiness and elasticity. Hair looks much thicker than it really is. Laminating, unlike chemistry, does not give a special volume to the hair.

When laying is not necessary to resort to ploek and uturku for hair straightening, as well as to high temperatures of the dryer and to the means for deep cleaning of hair. All of this can lead to injury hair and reduce the length of the result is saved. Usually the lamination lasts up to six weeks.

Laminating can be done for a Perm. In this case, note that the lamination weigh down hair and some curls can straighten. Also, it may cause breakage at the roots of the hair: fine hair, weakened by chemicals, and prone to breakage under its own weight.

We should not forget about the considerable value of the lamination and the quality of the used compositions. Quality lamination still depends on the qualifications of the master. Even with the best formulations inept wizard is able to harm the hair.

What better to do on thin hair?

What better to do on fine hair: easy chemistry or lamination? This choice is purely personal. Someone will approach chemistry, and someone two options at once. But for greater certainty it is better to trust a specialist. He will correctly assess the condition of the hair and select the best option for them. This may be laminated with any voluminous styling, or a gentle chemistry, or both.

The main thing is to remember that whatever hair, or laminated with chemistry, thin or thick, it is important that they were well-groomed and healthy.