This situation might seem strange: for 5 years a person spends time, effort and sometimes money to education – and all this is in vain. Unfortunately, the reasons that could lead to this, quite a lot.


Not always a refusal of employment is voluntary – many graduates cannot find work in their profession. Of the allocation of the universities refused for a long time. To a certain extent it infringed the freedom of the graduates, but employment is still guaranteed. Now the problem of job search graduates have to decide for yourself.

Hardest to find work in occupations that are considered "prestigious." Acting on the principle of "demand creates supply", universities increase recruitment for these specialties, as a result, the number of graduates exceeds demand in the labour market, many young professionals remain "overboard". First encountered this with graduates of legal and economic faculties.

Voluntary renunciation of jobs

Even an adult, experienced man is not always objectively assess their abilities and opportunities, what can we say about 17-year-old boy. People can be attracted to any profession, enroll in an appropriate University, and then to understand that this is not his calling. Some students get a clear idea of their future work in practice, which is the last course, at the "finish line", when it is a pity to leave the University without completing.

In some cases people enter the University, knowing that a degree will not work. Entrant – yesterday's student is financially dependent on his parents and is forced to obey their demands, and universities often do not come at will, and at the insistence of parents. Even if such a person after graduation to get unloved work (also at the insistence of the father or mother) for a long time it will not stay there.

Some students, thinking about their future, initially put the wrong question: not "what to work", and "where to go". Especially so often argue young men for whom College is a way to avoid service in the army. However, girls can strive to do "somewhere", because "all do." In this approach, a person chooses the school and faculty, where to go easier where there is less competition – and not always it is the profession by which he really is able to work. Such a student can study in pedagogical high school, knowing that as a teacher he can't or won't.

The reasons are many, and the result is wasted energy, time and money (or your state).